Steel Venom (GL) Heads East?

Just for those who wish to know: I was traveling west on I-80 just inside the Ohio border yesterday when two flatbeds passed me going the opposite direction. Not a remarkable occurance except that one had seats on it that were clearly for a thrill ride and/or roller coaster. Based on the red, yellow and blue paint scheme, I'm thinking this was the train for Steel Venom leaving Geauga Lake and heading for Dorney Park. The route would match (I-80 from Aurora all the way to I-78 and into Allentown, right?), I'm just not sure of the timing. If there was any question before, I think it's a definite now.

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I think this one has been confirmed a long time ago. In fact, I was one of the believers of the guy a while back who said that he knew someone installing a dedicated electric line for one ride. Still, it's really cool that you saw the track.
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No camera huh?

I would say they'd head 80E to 476S. Unless you want to avoid tolls in which case you could go 33S to 78W but it would probably cost you more in gas then the tolls would have been.

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The Toledo Blade says Steel Venom is heading to Dorny, although they don't cite a source. It is mentioned in this article. Not that anyone really needs official confirmation at this point to realize that's where it is going.

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A truck heading from I-80 to Allentown would only be on 476 for about 40 miles (2 exits). When it comes to relocating and reconstructing a coaster, I'd think the tolls would be a negligible part of the expense.
LOL, I can just see Dick Kinzel driving the first flatbed talking on a 2-way short-range radio to Jack Falfas in the other rig saying "Oh, we have to avoid 476 because it'll cost more for the tolls!"

(Which, IIRC, I think I-80 has portions toll in Ohio anyway, right?)

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If I were driving something like that up North in the summer, I'd be avoiding construction more than tolls...

Good luck avoiding either, LOL... ;)

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For what it's worth, flat bed trucks started removing Steel Venom parts from the parking lot at Geauga Lake this past week.
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That was one of my favorite rides. I liked that way more that Wicked Twister. I was more sad to see S:UE leave than X-Flight.

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