Steel Vengeance is a wife beater

Coming down though the final inversion on Steel Vengeance I feel is almost too wild, especial in the back. First ride it threw me out against the side of the train so hard ended up with some mild bruising on my side. (Completely worth it though!) Now I just hold on for that-part and watch everyone else get rag-dolled. That has to be right on the edge of 'tolerance' and am actually thankful for a bit of trim on the 2nd half.

Just Rode Voyage and SV within a week of each other, and put my limit on Voyage and 2-3 and SV at 5. Felt Voyage transitions were just about at the level of SV, but the jarring nature of the ride makes it not a repeatable ride. Aside from being some the most wild and out of control rides out there, I don't feel they are comparable and offer two different yet amazing experiences.

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