Steel Pier will add two roller coasters from Premier Rides

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Steel Pier will add two new roller coasters within the next three years. The pier will add a spinning wild mouse in 2024, followed by a Sky Rocket in 2025.

Read more from WKXW/Trenton.

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I'm thoroughly confused. Who owns the IP for the Reverchon spinning mouse? I though it was Zamperla.

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I'm confused as well. People were speculating that Premier is rehabbing the Reverchon spinning mouse that Steel Pier removed last year. With that said, the art for the "new" version shows individual T-bar restraints, which is something that comes from Zamperla's version of the ride. Maybe Premier is just rehabbing the track and Zamperla is providing the cars? It's weird that the park would advertise it as "new" in those circumstances, however.

Edit: I guess it's possible that Premier may be rehabbing a Zamperla mouse that operated elsewhere. There are several that no longer have a home.

Interestingly, Reverchon is back in business making their own spinning mice, but those still have the old-style restraints.

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I'm hearing that Premier are actually building a new mouse with that basic layout – that it isn't a refurb.

Anyway, a brief history of the design:

  • Prototype version built by Reverchon c.1994, still operating on the French fair circuit under ownership of Degousset. This is more or less the same as the standard model we all know except for the lack of an airtime bump on the lowest level in the turn before the station. Video of it here:
  • Dozens of production versions built by Reverchon between 1995 and their bankruptcy around 2017.
  • Zamperla licensed the design in 2005, and created new restraints – individual bars instead of the overhead bar on the Reverchon version.
  • Since 2006, Beijing Jiuhua has been building a close approximation to the design, presumably unlicensed.
  • Cedeal Rides founded in the old Reverchon factory, built 3 mice between 2017 and 2020. All three are on the European fair circuit, and don't track particularly well (Crash Test is well named).
  • Reverchon reconstituted has been building new mice since 2020 or so. They've redesigned the upper level to have a banked curve. Three versions exist so far, including one in a park:

Edit – I forgot to mention the compact versions, with one less switchback at each level and the station on the front of the ride rather than the side. Reverchon and Zamperla have both built these.

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I don't dispute your sources, but how do we end up at Premier making a clone of a Zamperla ride?

The same way we end up with Mack building an Intamin layout –

Or Intamin building a Vekoma layout –

Or Zamperla building a Mack layout –

It's not particularly common, but it does happen.

I appreciate the examples you gave, but I feel like there's a difference between Mack building something similar to a Mega-Lite with their own trains, and Premier building an identical copy of a Zamperla ride down to the design of the cars. That's something we'd come to expect from Chinese manufacturers but there has to be something else going on here. I'm guessing that coaster layout designs aren't protected by patents, but train design certainly is.

This is starting to remind me of the Windstorm coaster, available simultaneously from SDC, S&MC, and Zamperla. Maybe Premier as well; I do entirely recall.

It seems European bankruptcies combined with the somewhat incestuous nature of certain segments of the amusement industry tend to cause weird things to happen with rice design ownership.

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Paging Mr. Vater. Mr. Vater, your party is waiting for you at the baggage claim.

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to cause weird things to happen with rice design

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Paging Mr. Vater. Mr. Vater, your party is waiting for you at the baggage claim.

Is Premier making a Dragon Wagon, too!?


Also going on at Atlantic City is an opening-in-late spring Water Park with a retractable roof for year-round attendance - as an attraction to the Showboat property.

When Wet-N-Wild was sold in Vegas the thought was that people don't bring families to Vegas to go on rides. Leave that for Orlando. They come to gamble.

I guess Atlantic City sees things differently.

New coasters and a water park....? I'll check it out.

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To be fair, Atlantic City is x miles from many millions of people. Vegas is not.

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Is Premier making a Dragon Wagon, too!?

No, but they're bringing back the Wildcat.

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Couldn't resist.

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Can you ever resist?

"To be fair, Atlantic City is x miles from many millions of people. Vegas is not."

Jeff, I agree with you. Yet there are several family areas nearby that may not be very interesting to most gamblers: Ocean City (Which I believe is a dry town), Wildwood...even Cape May (Which has several transportation options to Atlantic City for the purpose of gambling)...etc.

I just find it interesting that Atlantic City is making moves on the family side of things when other areas nearby may be better suited for it.

Other than a stop or two at Bass Pro Shop, I haven't been to Atlantic City in a long time. I heard that the upscale malls such as Ocean One are losing business.

I am not a gambler, but I find the activity interesting.

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Can you ever resist?

I always ask myself, "What would Shades most appreciate in this moment?", and roll with it.


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Chicken fingers. Shades would appreciate chicken fingers.

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