Steel Pier to be Razed

Atlantic City's Steel Pier is to be Razed in october. Ending its 108 year history. Although the site is not home to as many rides and attractions as near by coastal towns it still has history and is unique. The site will be converted to High End Condos by Trump Entertainment( the group that owns the site). Is this progress for Atlantic city or another blow for the town and the once popular boardwalk scene. Share your thoughts.

I was there Thursday, took photos of everything, and did pov footage of the Crazy Mouse and Kiddie Coaster, which was an amazing 90 seconds long.

Tickets are now buy one book get one free, and Mouse on ride photos are a mere $5. They are also selling Steel Pier polo shirts and other employee stuff for $10. I will do a trip report later today.

Makes me sick. Too many shore parks have been lost in recent years. It wasn't the best park in the world but it had some decent rides (including a good Crazy Mouse) and it was definitely a nice diversion in A.C.
This, although sad, is not surprising. The 15 year contract with the family that ran the park will expire next month. That spot now has more value as real estate, so good bye park. Had hoped for better from Trump since he was involved in geting the park reopened in 1993. Obviously, at this point the $$ have outweighed the tradition just like in so many other shore areas. Glad I got there this year for a last visit.
Funny how 15 years can turn a park advocate into a condo advocate. Too bad one of Trump's rare GOOD business decisions is going to cost A.C. its only real amusement park.

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