Steel Pier $100M Renovation Revealed

As some of you may know, Atlantic City's Steel Pier was bought from Trump Entertainment this past year and will see a new beginning in 2012. Steel Pier Associates are now in total control, which consists of the Cantanoso family, (who has been involved with the pier for the past 20 years), as well as other investors such as Vegas architect Paul Steelman.

Looks like a promising future ahead, as the pier is receiving a $100 Million dollar complete upgrade for next several years. Future plans include new rides, shows, food, and other attractions, such as the revival of the diving horse show for 2012, and a new 385 foot Star Flyer in 2013. Post 2014 sees the operation bending additions more towards year-round functionality. Full article is at the link below.

I want to be excited about this news, but it sounds awfully ambitious. But imagine the views of the ocean and city skyline from a 385 foot Starflyer!

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

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There's a shocker. What happened to common sense?

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I watched a movie years ago about that diving horse show. If I'm not mistaken, the girl/woman who rode the horse during the routine went blind, or partially blind. That was caused by her entering the water with her eyes open and the speeds by which she hit. Apparently she wouldn't close her eyes for fear that she would make a move that would hurt the horse.

I think we can probably do without that as a form of entertainment though.

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