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I took the annual Jersey Coast tour.

Playland in Ocean City has a GREAT new fun house. One one trailer, you have many stunts, including a maze, barrel, air hose, moving floors, tilted foors, etc.

The ride is clean, well lit, and like everything else at the park, NEW. New flat spinning ride that goes very high was testing, and not open. 7/10.

Jenkinson's. Crazy beach day. Mad waves. The Aquarium is always on my stop, including the Penguins, which I love. Then a trip to the fun house, and finally the rides.

I only hit the Flitzer, and they have a new Bertazzon Wave Swinger. Actually, they purchased 2, another one for Casino Pier in Seaside Heights.

Dinner was fabulous at Beach Bar and Grill. They had Hawaiian Nite, and the girls were dressed accordingly. In addition to the special platters, they also had for kids a 'hot dog and hamburger platter'. Both together. How ingenious. 8/10.

Casino Pier. Rode the Star Jet. And Stillwalk Manor. Walked down to Funtown Pier, and chalked up a credit on the Family Coaster. Actually that is a great ride. Finshed the day with a dinner at Spicey's overtop the Coin Castle. 7/10.

Steel Pier. The final hurrah. Took photos of everything, and had an incredible spinning ride on Crazy Mouse. Also, I rode the Kiddie Coaster, which was a suprisingly long 90 seconds. I also bought a SP polo shirt for $10, and an on ride photo from Crazy Mouse for $5.

Say what you want, but the pier was clean, the employees were friendly, and with 2 for 1 ticket books, its a bargain until they close. 8/10.

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