Steel Hawg track on I-80

I take I-80 through Omaha quite a bit and I keep seeing Steel Hawg track on the back of trucks. I'm getting really curious about this coaster as the bright orange track I see is really twisted! I need to remember to bring my camera with me as I've seen three trucks of it now.

The first time I saw it I couldn't figure out who made two-rail track that would be heading east on I-80. Then I realized that Steel Hawg was going to be orange so I looked it up. Looks like S&S is taking a new approach on track design.

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New construction pictures show that the first drop is completed:

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That first drop is crazy.

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But it won't be taken at full-speed. Notice the magnetic fin at the top? The car will move slowly over the length of the fin before being released into the drop.
^^So 'moosh, just so people's expectations are realistic, aren't you on record as saying this ride won't be that fast and might be a little painful as well??
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Top speed is listed as 40 mph. I don't expect this ride to be a world class coaster (obviously), but I am holding out hope that it will be a fun coaster, as opposed to a painful one. I do think it will be aggressive though with some of the transitions and such. However that isn't always bad...

When I rode LoCoSuMo a few years ago it was horribly rough and painful, but when I rode it this past weekend I really enjoyed it, and actually got a bit of airtime... It is a "bone rattling experience" though :)

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^^So 'moosh, just so people's expectations are realistic, aren't you on record as saying this ride won't be that fast and might be a little painful as well??

Huh? When did I say (or even hint) at any of that?

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Steel work is complete. I said before it looks about as fun as getting strapped to a wheelchair and thrown down a flight of stairs, but I'd like to make a correction - it looks *worse* then getting strapped to a wheelchair and thrown down a flight of stairs. :)

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Interesting that the outward banking on the turn following the first block brake was changed from 90* to about 60*.

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Seems like a rideable moebius strip can´t be that far away.

It´s a bit strange, a few years ago I would have been all giddy to ride something so twisted, but somehow I don´t think it looks like much fun. Although it looks much better than the dire Screaming Squirrels.

Somethings just don´t have to be built only because you can (and that verdict is still out.)

It will certainly be an eyecatcher and people will love to watch it. This thing looks so RCT3!

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I think it looks
Looks like a model built out of Knex Screamin Serpent coaster.
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I cannot wait to ride it! I am certainly glad they are this far into the construction... I had my doubts about it being done this year, but they may prove me wrong yet. Let's hope so.
I had my doubts as well -it's amazing how all the track work is now complete in such a short period of time. I want to see a video - hopefully it will kick butt and not kick one.


I saw it in person yesterday...pretty impressive. I think it looks like the perfect addition to the park...though I hope they start expanding towards it because it's kind of over there all by itself.

Here are some photos I took:

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New blog post...

Looks like the trains (cars) are on site... I think they look pretty good... very open air. Now we just need to see what the ride looks like when it's testing.

Josh M.

Those trains look awesome. I can't wait to try this thing out...

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I'm definitely stopping by once this opens.

Anyone see the oddly shaped track coming out of the station? The turn around after the first drop is very wicked looking.

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Not sure if there are still any people left who haven't seen the rendering from S&S. Obviously, spoiler alert is in effect, so don't watch if you want to be surprised by the ride....

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