Steel Force, Mamba, Magnum XL-200, and Wildthing

Monday, August 6, 2001 11:13 AM
To start i would like give my rating system 1-10.
1- never ever ride that coaster, even with a gun to my head........
10- run back around to get on it again and possibly buy the whole park............

Steel force is great up until the last inch of track. The middle helix makes it one of the best, it adds a little more than a standard out and back. I have ridden Steel Force enuf time to power a small country, and its really gets better and better every time I get on.

Wildthing has enuf air time to red you out in about .0002 seconds. It just keeps ponding and pondig air time down you trought. Wildthing is best though at the ending camelbacks. The air time is perfect and you feel you will never come down. But what pushes this coaster to a 10 is it's funner x100 riding at night.

Magunm Xl-200
Magnum has a great ride to it and the air time is good, but it has been long since eclipsed. But the origial concept is still there, still makeing unique and fun. Magnum is getting to the age where it is going to be called a classic, and it still can deliver.

Mamba is basic and simple. It still gives some sir time at the end. At the turn around ,however, Mamba goes under the stucture for a bit and for some reason feels like you going 500 m.p.h. The supports are just whizzing by and by. The ending camel backs are alright, they don't seem to feel to have the equal air time as other coasters. But what makes me kind of angry is Mamba was used as the prototype for Steel Dragon 2000, Steel Dragon from what I've heard from my friends was not fun after the first drop. Mamba just seems to be low and blan. It is a fun hyper coater but after you've ridden others your just not super siked about Mamba.
Monday, August 6, 2001 11:34 AM
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