Steel Curtain testing video

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That's such a random layout, in a good way. Waiting for a dead bird to get stuck in a wheel and strand people in those high dips. 😱

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It looks like something I would have come up with screwing around on RCT2 way back when. Only I would have screwed up the layout enough to get a +10 intensity rating and dumped the whole thing.

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What an interesting layout! Now to weave the log ride back in. ;)

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I'm with Jeff on being surprised that the two very high valleys have no steps or access points, especially when Maxx Force's relatively impossible-to-valley-in first inversion has 3 sets of push wheels on it and a staircase.

Opening is scheduled for July 13!

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I think it's a really interesting and unique take on a looper. I love B&M's but I'm a little bit over the "loop, dive loop, zero-g roll, cobra roll, corkscrew, corkscrew" thing.

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I’m not a huge fan of regular B&M loopers of any sort. I like the speed coasters, and i like wing coasters. Dive coasters are ok. I think they have their place, mind you, but with what smaller and up and coming companies are doing now, esp with Ride Centerline designing, I like inversions a lot more.

I’d love to see what Alan Shilke could do with a B&M if they’d give him a chance lol.

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Real POV

I hope this works. It appears to be frozen now, even though it was playable a second ago. It's also on Twitter and FB.

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When I try that link in Chrome, a box pops up in the corner saying the video premiers tomorrow.

Looks pretty good to me!

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It looks very cool... I wish I had some reason to be swinging through Pittsburgh.

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Fine, I'll buy you a beer or cider or whatever. You win.


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There's an Iron Maiden concert August 17th. That's our reason.

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I predict that it will be a top ten coaster. It looks exciting and unique. It's seems to have great pacing. I still don't care for the theme, but whatever.

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I dunno. The top 2 "loopers" (where loops, as opposed to air, are the point of the ride) are Maverick at 11 and Nemesis at 20. In general, I have much less love for loopers than I do for air/speed machines.

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Calvin: "If your numbers go up, it means you're having more fun."

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I think inverting that many times might make me queasy.

But you're willing to try it once to see, right? ;)

(I wasn't terribly excited at first, to be honest, basically just hoping this would thin the line for Phantom a bit. Now that it's here and appears to have nice open trains and a few good airtime pops, I'm actually looking forward to riding it.)

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That first drop gives me flashbacks of Drachen Fire.

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