Steel Curtain arriving at Kennywood

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Kennywood and roller coaster fans got another small glimpse of the building blocks that will eventually make up the amusement park’s next great attraction: The Steel Curtain. On Thursday, workers began unloading parts that will be incorporated into the design of the Steelers-themed coaster.

Read more and see photos from The Post-Gazette.

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I find it odd that they say that they began unloading parts on Thursday, and then a paragraph later state that the ride went vertical in November. Seems like a contradiction. Also, it actually went vertical in September or October.


^It's the Post-Gazette, do you really find it odd that their reporting sucks? LOL

I bought cheap tickets through Costco to ride dutch wonderlands new S&S family inverted. It didn't open until 2018. Was supposed to open in 2017. Terrible. I am wondering if this will open on time.

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I'd book a flight immediately.


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