Status of Joyland (KS)?

Does anyone know what the current status of Joyland in Wichita, KS is? I know that the owners planned on opening this year but haven't heard if it is definitely going to happen or when. I'm just curious as I'm going to be checking out the parks in OK in early June and had wanted to try and shoot up and hit the park if it was going to be open. Does anybody also know of any current contact info for the park? The phone # on rcdb no longer works. Thanks.
Since this got buried pretty quick last week, I thought I would give this a bump and see if maybe someone out there has some info. Thanks.

Couldnt find the original post on "Joyland Wichita Status?" even with the search feature , so I'll post this here.Ride removal has started at the park.When I went by today they were removing the truck ride located near the tilt-a-whirl.They also had a bigger truck waiting outside.The last I heard from Robert was that they were waiting on a bankruptcy attorney for their next step.I hope this doesnt mean they found a buyer who just wants the land. I also hope that Michael and Robert still have a shot, to me they seem like the parks best chance for survival.I'll send more as soon as I find anything out.Chris

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