Stars on Coasters

A bunch of pictures of famous people on rollercoasters.


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I like how Bruce has his camera in his hand. It looks as if he is trying or has been taking pictures too.

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I rode SFMM's Goliath with David Arquette on media day...back before the park sucked and I stopped going :)

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What is this... CelebrityBuzz??? Besides, we all know SFMM sucked in 2000, you just hadn't realized it yet. :)

Pass da' sizzrup, bro!

De ja vu . . . could you be a thread that I once knew?
Long ago . . .

With apologies to Dionne Warwick.

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LOL E.S. :)


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I'm surprised there isn't one of Ms Paris Hilton. She admitted on her reality show, "My new BFF" how much she loves roller coasters. One episode was even taped at Knotts.

Here is a link to a small picture of Paris Hilton on Tatsu.

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And who could forget THIS.


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I can't believe it's not butter.

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