StarFlyer-Freefall Combo Tower

Some russian company (no idea if it is PAX) has combined a StarFlyer-esque ride with a freefall attraction.

Check it out here:

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I wanted to see the swings drop. Anticappointment!.

AV Matt
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After the slowest lift ever, you get to experience the slowest drop ever. And practically no spinning. It's actually a really interesting ride, and a great concept, but it just seems like they could have done it with a little less down time for both rides.
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Acoustic Viscosity said:I wanted to see the swings drop. Anticappointment!.

Yeah, that's kinda how I felt abut the Orlando one...then tricktrack got my hopes up again. LOL! Still fun, and the ultra-lightweight chains at the height was fairly exciting.

Wow, that looks like it goes up way to slow, with my fear of heights, I would probably be very freaked out riding it.

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Oh wow, I totally forgot about the ride in Orlando!

AV Matt
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Those StarFlyers are horrifying. I don't have a a fear of heights and was freaked out. The ride bounces slightly as it rises and lowers and feels like one snapped cable away from doom.

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