Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge theme park lands have opening seasons

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From the blog post:

While we are still hard at work creating our largest single-themed land expansions ever, I have some exciting news to share today. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will open in summer 2019 at Disneyland Resort and in late fall 2019 at Walt Disney World Resort, when guests will land in the middle of the action as they live their own Star Wars stories.

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We intentionally moved up our WDW trip from Xmas 2019 to Xmas 2018 because we wanted to avoid holiday crowds + new Star Wars area. I can't imagine what crowds are going to be like for the first year or two.

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I feel like those crowds will be similar to when Potter opened at Universal but honestly, probably worse and for longer. Thankfully I won't have to worry about it :)

Eek. No thanks.


And don't forget that the picture showing the line is focused on the entry to USO, not IOA where Potter opened. Thus that lower right area by the globe isn't the beginning of the line, it's actually where the line takes a hard turn at the USO bridge, (having started at the upper left at IOA out of frame) and starts to snake back along City Walk to God knows where.

Yeah, I'm not looking forward to SW: GE opening at Disneyland next summer. it will be complete chaos

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