Star Jet (Washuzan Highland)

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I'm going through the library at RCDB and clicked onto this coaster.

Does the red and yellow train actually go around the track backwards? I thought it was a mistake at first and that they must of put the train in the station backwards. I don't think so! What do you take of this? I sure as hell would not want to do that course backwards. I'd like to see a video clip or POV if I could find one. I've been on the clone at PCW many times and I can assure you this would not be a pleasant ride backwards.

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Its not the only rollercoaster in Japan with a setup like that. The Momonga Standing and Loop Coaster at Yomiuriland is a Togo coaster with 2 stations. One side has a Stand up train and the other a sitdown train. It uses a sliding transfer track to put the trains on the main track.

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Seems like a smart move IMHO. Increase your ridership by offering those who do not want to stand a way to ride.
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Especially with those Togo restraints. I took a trip on KI's King Cobra a few years back and ouch!

Edit: Ooops. Sounds like the stand up train came later?

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