S&S site (finally) redesigned

Anyone around for a while will remember S&S's disaster of a website. Out of curiosity, I checked on the site a moment ago, and was pleased to find that they updated with a new design:


Of course, my pleasure was replaced by disgust as I realized that the new site is just as much of a mess as the old one, but on the bright side, there are some interesting new ride concepts posted, such as the El Loco coaster, water drop rides (WTF?), and Junior Swing.

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What perplexes me is that their wooden section in the rides is listed as looping and under their junior coaster section there is a mini screamin' swing. Oh well.


And, for that matter, what's the difference between a "4th Dimension" and a "4th Dimension X"?
Wow, what a coincidence. I was just at that site this morning checking it out. I found it to be nice, but not linked correctly. It is still in progress, so no one get mad or judge yet.

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PhantomTails said:
And, for that matter, what's the difference between a "4th Dimension" and a "4th Dimension X"?

I'm guessing the same layout of X (VS) a new layout. The same layout of X is probably cheaper than a new layout. ???

Their "looping" coaster is made of wood and features zero loops.
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It's just like their rides... they need several redesigns and/or modifications until they get it right!

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Hmmmmm. I wanna see what that 'water drop' is all about.

And when is somebody on this continent gonna spring for a Screamin' Squirrel? I want one!

^EDIT: And I'll have you know both arms of my local Screamin' Swing work. For now.


(who sez: Ever notice that Arrow is as original with ride names as CF is with theming?)

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I'm still waiting for the air-launched woodie. :)

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I was hoping that the fact that they named the wooden section 'looping' means they told the design team to create a section called thus. So maybe they're planning ahead to get into the looping coaster market?

Also, what the hell is 'el loco'? The concept art looks interesting.

...and after visiting this site I was reminded why I hate sites that over utilize the frames option when building. Yikes!
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Playa: That's because they rebuilt the damn thing last winter!

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They rebuilt the one at Kennywood last winter. And again last month when S&S was here for a week. And it STILL can't run two sides for more than a day or two.
Dood, I didn't say it worked as ORIGINALLY designed!
Just that it was actually working...which seems to be a milestone all in itself. While it happens, anyway.

The smell of antifreeze around the ride was a bit disconcerting this week...but I'm guessing that has to do with the high operating temperatures. I hope.


NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

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Kennywood's still isn't running that well? I think CP's and Valleyfair's have both been running pretty consistently since the retrofit of the piston system.

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^No, KW's was having problems when I visited there after Mania. They tested in the morning with both, but they quickly E-stopped it when the one arm was started acting funky and then proceeded to only use one arm the rest of the day.
Anyone notice the suspended swings coming soon? That could be interesting. I wonder if they could outfit existing models with suspended carriages.

Noooo! No 'enhancements' PLEASE. Just let them work, I beg of you!
The 'el loco' reminds me of a Euro Fighter.

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El Loco is the reimagining of the Screaming Squirrel. When I visited the factory last year I got to see some computer simulations of it and it looks cool.

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