S&S El Locco coaster? What is it?

I don't have the link. Saw the new concept on the S&S site under coasters.
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you mean this link


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With the positions the car would be in on that track, I Imagine it's not a very fast paced ride. Definatly looks loco.

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looks like a variation on the Flying Dutchman. To go off the lift on your back and it flips over in the turn,

That or you'd be decapitated going back under the lift.


It doesn't necessarily need to be a flying coaster in order to accomplish such maneuvers, as long as the portions where riders hang upside down are done at low speeds. My guess is that this coaster will use a variation of the Screaming Squirrel cars.
It kinda looks like a Euro Fighter.

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Maybe a version of Arrow's ArrowBATic idea? I believe that was the name.
Haven't you all heard of the Screaming Squirrel? This looks like that same ride taken a little farther. I imagine it would compete fairly well with G-fighters, if given a sensible layout. That hang-time can be fun in small quantities, but the Screamin Squirrels thus far have apparently been pretty lame.

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It's is indeed the reimagining of the Screaming Squirrel. I was lucky to see some computer animations of some sample layouts when I visited the S&S factory 2 yrs ago...looks dang cool and way better then the Squirrel.
It's been out for two years? Mamoosh did S&S have any other protos that looked cool?

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