S&S Axis roller coaster prototype offers new ride experience

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From Attractions Magazine:

They took 4D and flipped it on its Axis. This is the next generation of 4D coasters. They created a vehicle capable of swinging side to side all the way around, instead of forward and backwards around. It can literally float above the track, and float it does. At IAAPA, S&S had an animation of it, and it turns out they had built a 800-foot-long prototype in the backyard of their factory. Do the physics even work though? Is this even possible? Well, after some discussion with their staff, I was poised to find out myself … eventually.

Read more and see video from Attractions Magazine.

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I'm sure it's just because of the prototype design, but if you were to draw a heart-line path for the rider, it doesn't really do anything. The track moves around you, which is pretty cool, but the net dynamic on the person is an oval track with no inversions. I'm really interested in seeing what a production layout would do, and the animation doesn't really help.

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Even when I saw the animation months ago, I immediately thought about how similar the concept is to Tranan at Skara Sommerland that S&S built in 2009 . I always thought that looked like a fun ride. It is shame that it never caught on and more were built. I am sure capacity was a big issue.

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Tranan is a novelty, nothing more than that. I suspect this Axis coaster may be the same.

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