SROS at SFA still have height limit?

I was just wondering if SROS still had the 6'5 or 6'6 height limit due to that support? If so, do they actually enforce it strictly?

I am 6'6 if not a bit over and will be in the area but nothing else at that park gets me remotely excited. I was able to squeeze into SFDL's a few years ago (post train ankle modification), even though I was checked for my height. Grew a little more since then...


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Not sure about RoS (AVMatt rode in...'06-ish without a problem, and he's freakishly tall), but I think you *should* be excited about the wood at SFA. OPerations and guest relations at the park leave LOADS to be desired, but the wood coaster maintenance there ranks pretty high IMO.

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