SRM May 30th and 31st The good things.

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Sunday, June 1, 2003 6:47 PM
I cannot dwell on what happened yesterday at SRM so I decided to do a TR with nothing but happy things

1.Saying" Bit chilly isnt it" to Robb Alvey cause I didn't wanna walk up and say Hi love those videos and Elissa is a hottie :P

2.My first rides on Raven and Legand.

3. The food The pizza and fudge

4. Setting the park back a few Mil by drinking so much Fruit punch pepsi

5. Fruit punch Pepsi (mix 3/4 pepsi to 1/4 Fruit punch

6. Hanging out and watching FoF Loose badly at a game called cornhole at the campsite.

7. Xtream tetertotter(SP)

8.watching FOF loose badly at pool

9.Walking around the city at 5:30am

10. Talking with the owners about how nice the park was.

11. Talking with Will Koch about zinga and how its hard to get those rafts up and being assured that it will be fixed next year.

12.Playing on the big playland thingy when i havent been on one since i was 10.

13. Flirting with a lifeguard for like a half hour.

14. Hanging out with Chuck and Rob Nungster and there group and just relaxing.

That was the good things.
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Sunday, June 1, 2003 7:07 PM
joe.'s avatar Good to hear that there is a plan to fix that Zinga "problem". :)
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