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Monday, June 16, 2003 4:13 PM
Robocoaster's avatar It's taken over 2 weeks to sort out my feelings about this, but I needed the time to convince myself that it was OK to admit the following: I had the time of my life those 2 days, and loved every minute of it!

At first I felt guilty about admitting it, as if it was insensitive to be so jazzed up in light of the tradgedy. I certainly do not expect others to have felt the same, and hopefully a good time was had despite the unfortunate turn of events.

Now, that being said, SRM was coaster bliss I never knew existed! HW was everything it was built up to be, and The Legend and The Raven are indeed in the top ten wooden coasters in existence. I had bruises on my thighs and my sides after Friday night, but in a good way:)! The Hallowswings are incredibly fun (I like the Exorcist music that accompanies this...or was it from Halloween?who cares-nice touch!). Their log ride is very fun also.

On Sat, I got the chance to try Zinga; what a rush! A great ride. Zoombabwe was fun too, as was Orotongo. I had a little trouble getting in and out of my tube for the lazy river, but more sleep would've helped( hey, I gotta blame my clumsiness on something:)).

I won't go into heavy detail about all aspects of this wonderful park, because it's all been said before; the look and atmosphere of this park is something you just can't get until you've actually visited. Great, friendly staff, and a clean, very clean, park. And free parking, lotion, soda. It's as if HW actually cares more about customer service/ satisfaction than the bottom line! Amazing!! I would recommend this park to anyone, from mild rides to top notch thrills, I can't imagine anyone not having fun here.

And the food is worthy of mention also. I won't single any item out; no need to. It's all top-notch. I had an absolutely wonderful time there, and cannot wait to return. And all wood coasters should be as good as theirs. The landscaping is first-rate, etc, etc, etc, There is no negatives whatsoever that I can think of; no suggestions whatsoever I would recommend.

And yes, I was able to put Sat night behind me after about a day, and enjoyed my trip to the utmost. And all things considered, I was even more thankful for the great company I kept throughout most of my first trip back east. To Rob, Jeff, "Moosh, Mike, and all the rest, a hearty thanks! I truly had the time of my life:)

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Monday, June 16, 2003 7:14 PM
nasai's avatar Well put, Rob. After reading all the TRs on SRM, it kinda makes me not want to write one. You and Jeff Putz put that weekend so eloquently, I don't know what else to talk about. Solid TR my friend. :):):)

I guess what some want are the "nudity" stories. You will have to ask Corey J about that one. ;)
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