SRM Day 2, Out of my funk and having a ball :)

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Monday, June 3, 2002 5:03 AM

Well I decided to opt out and Veg for a bit on the Zoombabwe ERT so I waited till about 5 till 10 and headed for the park.

HW at opening on saturday was obviously busy so I did the park backwards, Meaning Fourth of July first!

First ride on Paul Reveres midnight ride and I am spinning like crazy and found this almost as insane as that octopus at Lakemont. :) Im having fun now!

I stroll back and take a ride on the Howler, A great little kiddie coaster and I enjoy it and I head for the next ride which is the Eagles Flight. No snappage but it is still fun and the ERT on this night featured much longer rides :)

I then met up with Chis and Nikki Trease and we take another flight and then hit the Raft ride. HW has a great raft ride and chris and nikki were soaked! Oh well, they were going back to spashin safari afterward anyhow! We are definitley having fun now!

I split up with Chris and Nikki and go for my first Legend Ride of the day.

Legend Day 2: Well the first thing I noticed was the line was not bad at all. I had visited the park on a July 4th before to find legend had about 45 minutes to a hour and fifteen minute waits all day when I was at the park last when it was this busy. WOW only 15-20 minute waits or less all day! That second train makes a huge difference!

I op for seat 2 as I find that gives the best airtime on the double up and the first half of the ride was as good if not better than it used to be with the G train and I got mass air on the double up and that pattened slam upon landing that I remember clearly but now it dosnt hurt because the seats are super soft :) I even got a pop of air on the top of the spiral drop that was clearly missing the night before but Legend kept getting better all weekend!

I still felt the second half of the ride was considerably slower than it was before but I did get a few rides later that night that did come close. I really think when the wheel bearings finally break in, Legend will be as good if not better than ever! I talked to Jeff a bit and my delima was answered. Train B had about 1/3 the use as train A so I chose train A the rest of the night and had a ball. Legend is great but it still wasn't out performing it's little brother up the hill.

Raven, Was it insane friday night? Heck, I think it got even faster if thats possible! I hopped in the backseat and tightened my belt real tight as I know this is nuts. Whoa, I was completly standing with my feet off the floorboards on two occations! The second drop and the fifth drop and I even got air on a spot I had never gotten air before, The third drop!

On this weekend, Raven kicked my but all over those woods and there is little doubt of why this is many peoples #1 coaster including mine on this weekend!

HW had a great picnic for SRM and another night of ERT and it was great to be among friends and the great people of HW. One thing that cheered me up was a certain ride op that in the past was know to do backflips but she was full of good cheer and good cheer is contagious!

Thanks HW, I had a ball! I never think twice about mentioning your park to others and will continue to do so.

Charles Nungester, SRM Junkie!

Charles Nungester
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Monday, June 3, 2002 2:03 PM
It's funny how small HW is, and yet I still haven't met you (or some of the other buzzers that were there)! Isn't it amazing that the two woodies kept out performing each other? Legend will truly be at its peak by the end of the summer, and those of us in GOCC get another chance to go! Hope to see ya at GAAPALL soon.....
Brad Sherman
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