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Alan Martin - from Raleigh, NC.

Let me start by saying I am really saddened by the accident and all my sympathies lie with the families of those involved and the Koch family and park employees. What more can I say...there are no words.

This was my first trip to HW and hence, first SRM. I had a great time at the Friday night ERT and Saturday park events. I met alot of enthusiasts and really enjoyed talking to you all. I got to put some names with faces and met lots of new faces too!

Some thoughts from the event:

I came down hard on those from Indiana and Ohio who are SOOOO lucky to have such a wonderful park and such great coasters so close to them. Holiday World is a perfect themepark filled with beautiful people who care about their guests.

I received some top notch tips for the flyers that paid off handsomely as I soon had my bird leaping for the sky!

I met a Cedar Park employee who was friendly and was very forthright with an assessment of his own park. His assessment was fair and unbiased which I truly appreciated.

I spent many happy minutes waiting in the coaster lines chatting with fellow enthusiasts. The time flew and soon we were at the gates waiting to board.

I proudly displayed the "wounds" I recieved on Friday morning courtesy of T2 at SFKK to anyone willing to pay attention to my silly ply for attention. PS - I like T2 anyway.

I think Zinga is the most bizzare thing I've ever seen.

I enjoyed meeting Holidog and Safari Sam...They rock!

I think I convinced at least 3 non-event persons to sign up with a coaster club. "ANY CLUB!", I shouted.

I think "Legend" is the best roller coaster on the planet...period. (spraying myself down with flame retardant foam).

I think that with a couple more trips to HW, I should have enough Ski-Ball tickets to trade in for "The Raven".

I feel the food, souvineers and games are the most resonably priced and high quality as I have experienced just about anywhere.

I think that Six Flags could learn TONS from the Kochs and their employees.

I think "Coasterbuzzers" are pretty cool bunch.

I think I can talk my wife into moving to southern Indiana.

I, I know I made some new friends this weekend. Thanks to everyone! On we go with CoasterMania! - Email me you lugheads!

Alan Martin - Find me at Coastermania and say HI!

"It's always better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it" - ME

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