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Monday, May 14, 2001 8:55 AM
I dont want to say too much about SRM because there are already a ton of TRs about it. All I want to say is these few lines.

I met up with GregLeg and entered the park about 2:30. We went for a quick (double) lap on the Howler coaster (just for the count) and then it was on to the main attractions. First up was backseat on the Raven. It was a really good ride, but I'll admitt that it wasnt an automatic favorite. It DOES have one of the best airtime moments though in the notorious "FIFTH HILL". That hill is even better than the 3rd hill on S:ROS (SFA) just because it is so unsuspecting.

Next we moved over to the Legend. Now people here and elsewhere have said it was such a great coaster and I have become leery of hype like that. I rode in the last car (admittedly I dont remember if it was the very back or next to back). Anyway, the ride was good, but again, not earth shattering.

I may be mixing up the order of things so I'm sorry but the night is still sort of a blur. Anyway, we caught front seat rides on both Raven and Legend. I happend to prefer the front on Raven to the back, but I'm odd like that. Anyway, sometime Greg and I ended up in the next to last car of Legend and *THIS* time, Legend grabbed a hold of me and didnt let go. I dont know what had changed in only about an hour, but Legend was as close to *MY* personal idea of a perfect coaster as I could get. I mean that vicious "piledriver" hill was something that I wouldnt have even thought of, but it was exactly what I wanted. I've been a big fan of wooden twisters for a while anyway and Legend is the best example of one that I've ridden. BTW: I belive that it was here that we got three straight rides without getting up. UTOPIA!

Sometime later in the evening, I ran into our own Legendary and he asked me about Legend. Half-jokingly, he asked "How'd you like it? Number #1 right". I quickly, and quietly, repiled, "Yes". He seemed a little taken aback. But I had to admitted that the voting was closed. It's not even close. That was truly a fantastic coaster.

Anyway, just in quick summary, I was happy to see all of you that I did see, and for those I missed, I'm sure we'll be around the same circles another day. On a personal note, I implore those of you of faith to keep Ms. Koch and family in your prayers. Cancer is not an easy thing to deal with, but just the few moments I got to talk with her, I sensed a strong sprirt and a determination that is rarely seen these days. Still, I personally believe that prayer works, and so does she so please remember them. Okay, I'll holla!
Next event: CoasterMania!!!
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Monday, May 14, 2001 2:05 PM
Hey Jeremy, I believe I was riding right in front of you on Legend on one of my trips. I was wearing a grey Boss shirt, and I believe it was in the 5th car...did you see me?


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