Spring Fling Event Six Flags Over Georgia

This was my first trip to SFOG since 2010 so I was very excited. The weather forecast for this day was terrible and I knew that going into the event. There was a 90% chance of rain with a high of 55. I don't think it ever actually hit 55 degrees though. It wasn't the ideal May weather day for an amuesment park visit but we tried to make it work for the best and I think we made the most of it.

We got to the park around 8:15am and grabbed our tickets. They let us in the park around 8:40am and we headed towards Goliath. At this point the rain was only sprinkling so it wasn't too bad. Got on the second row of Goliath on the first train out for ERT. It was such a fun ride. This is my favorite B&M hyper out there. I love the downward helix and following smaller hills that deliver some great airtime. They had the trim off on this first ride which made it even better.

We were able to ride again this time in the third row. After this ride my wife took a break and I went and hopped into the back row for a third ride in a row. It was amazing. I loved being hurled off that first drop and subsuqent other hills.

We then decided to grab breakfast that was provided for us, at the Pizzeria . It was very good. Fruit and pastries along with apple juice. From there we went to the Georgia Cyclone and I grabbed a seat in the front with another attendee. My wife was taking a break. It was a fun ride. The first drop was smooth and the rest of the ride seemed much smoother than back in 2010. There were some good moments of airtime that I wasn't expecting and overall it wasn't a bad ride. I rode it a second time in the front and I actually had the entire train to myself which was a first for me.

We decided to skip Georgia Scorcher ERT and head back to mindbender. Love this ride. It was raining slightly and it was a neat experience going through the trees with the drizzle. We got two great rides in and decided to go wait for Dare Devil Dive before the park officially opened. At 10:00am as we were waiting for DDD to open they came over the loudspeaker and said that it will not open. I was a little bummed since I have yet to ride this coaster. Maybe the next time.

After that we went back to Goliath for a front row ride. It started to rain a little harder at this point so it was quite the experience in the front seat. Wind and rain at 50 degrees = very chilly at 70mph! We could have rode again but decided to go get a ride in on Superman since the park had just opened. I think we were on the second and final train of the day. This ride gets me everytime through that pretzel loop. In fact I think I greyed out a little. After the ride was over we got word that the ride was down due to technical difficulties (Yes we were still hanging there on the platform). My wife thought the SF employee was joking, because he had a slight smile on his face, and I looked at her and said, "believe me, he's not joking." As most of you know the restraints on these are not ideal even when the ride is working and even worse when you are hanging there. Luckily the breakdown only lasted for about 15 minutes.

I then rode Great American Scream Machine and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of airtime this ride had. It was also fairly smooth which was nice. From there we went and rode the bumper cars. I hadn't ridden a bumper car ride in a long time so this was quite fun. I was impressed with the oval track and all the room to drive around. We then went and rode GASM again. At this point it was raining steadily. The ride flew and airtime was abundant. The last three smaller hills before the brake were amazing. At one point the airtime was so great I came up out of my seat and was literally halfway standing up for a brief second. They announced that the ride was closing due to weather. It was around 11:15am at this point. This is the time 90% of the rides in the park shut down for the day as well.

We then went to lunch at the Crystal Pistol. Lunch was great. Grilled chicken, vegetarian lasagna, bowtie pasta, green beans, and rolls. There was also salad (which I didn't eat). They had two different types of cookies which were both good and also ice cream bars which were good.

After lunch we went and rode the train which was nice. We got off the train and saw people standing in line for Georgia Scorcher so we got in line but quickly realized it wasn't going to open. At this point it was bearly raining so I was a little surprised it didn't open. The worse was yet to come though. We walked all the way around the park and decided to try and get our free 6x8 photo from our earlier Superman ride. SF gave all attendees of the event a free 6x8 photo coupon which I thought was very nice. I was worried they wouldn't be able to pull up the picture since I didn't have the number. She said since there were only two trains dispatched for the whole day it wouldn't be hard to get the photo. The photo was probably the worst on ride photo that I have ever been in, showing my complete intense reaction to the pretzel loop, but it was free so I had to get it.

We then went and rode the Hanson Cars, and Riverview Carousel. After those rides the rain came and it was pouring. We decided at that point that it was time to leave. It was about 1:30pm. We walked toward the front of the park in soaking rain. I decided to pick up a Gold Season Pass and it was only $50 to upgrade my single day ticket to the pass. I thought that was very good value.

Overall it was a good time at the park even with the rain. Yeah, it could have been a lot better but we were glad we at least got to ride some of the coasters and rides. I really enjoy SFOG. It has some very nice scenery with all the trees and hills. It also has a solid coaster lineup which I enjoy. I got in 11 coaster rides and 3 other rides for the day. I really enjoyed the actual Spring Fling event as well. I don't write trip reports that often so please excuse my grammatical errors and or lengthy descriptions. Thanks for reading.

Collin Aynes

Great report. I keep penciling in Spring Fling , but still haven't made it. Maybe next year! Actually, I was there for a "Coaster Conference" in 1990, perhaps that is what later became Spring Fling?

Mind Bender in the rain! I remember waiting for the ride in the rain and there was someone on the train leaving the station fumbling with their transparent (or was it bright orange? hard to remember) Six Flags rain poncho. Down the drop it looked they they were holding tight, but the poncho was flying back and maybe over their head/face at that point. Through the trees you could see the poncho was completely wrapped around the persons head and they definitely looked troubled. I think they were fine, but it was more funny than anything. It was a cartoon-like view for sure!

Im glad you had a great time. I was there two Sundays ago and it did not rain heavily until noon. With my knack for having bad luck, Dare Devil and Goliath was not running until I left the park around 2 pm.

You won't see me coming...

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Did you have bad luck, per se, or did you not properly exploit seemingly intangible physical characteristics to influence your outcome? ;)

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