Spring Break BGT 4/14/03

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My 2nd trip to BGT. Me and my friend came out here for a spring break coaster trip. The weather was nice and toasty, not too toasty though. It was a crowded day but all the queues we're short, except for Python and Scorpion which was a 25-30 min waits. Go figure. Probably cause they're both a single train operation, but still.

Something I want to add about my first visit since I did not write a report that time is that the BBQ ribs place is fantastic and totally worth the money. now onto the park.

I went for Gwazi first, lion side and had a ball. This ride is fun and has great pacing and hea choppers. When will they ever attempt to duel? After I went on the Tiger side (last row) and put my seat belt way lose, oh yeah. Awesome air on the first drop all the way down, good stuff.

After that we headed over to my bestest friend in the park, Montu (front row inside). I love this coaster so much. The batwing on this thing is intense and amazing, definitly my fav part of the ride. The landscaping is beautiful along with the great theming all around the ride.

We then went to Kumba which I believe is one of the best placed rides anywhere. The Cobra roll looming over your head at the entrance. Interlocking corckscrews are a view worthy of a kodak moment. I had a wonderful ride with yet another great zero-g sensation. Is it me or does busch love those tunneled helixes?

We did not go on the Python cause a 25 min wait is not nearly worth it. So we then ventured to the Scorpion which like I said had a 30 min wait. But we needed stuff to do so we went on. It's a fun little ride. The final helixes felt weaker this time. I thought gold rusher's was more forceful. Oh well.

We saw the figure skating show which is amazing. I thought it wasn't going to be too good since they don't have much room to work with but they showed me. Very fun and a must see show, unless of course you hate figure skating shows.

We then went to Rhino Rally. Now the first time I went on this it wasn't too bad and the driver was cool. But this time, oh man can you say unenthusiastic! This girl was so bland and dull and was about to fall asleep "Oh no we made a wrong turn, ahhh. *passes out on the car horn*" If their goal was to make me want to shoot myself, they succeded. My friend ,who works for the mouse so he's used to jungle cruise enthusiasm, was completely furious cause he thought the ride had so much potential. Shame on you Busch.

Anyway the rest of the day was filled with lots of rerides and a trip to Mcdonalds. Which by the way the new salads are awesome and reccomended by me. So long

Chris Segura

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I have visited the park every other year for the most part since '93, and I don't ever remember Scorpion or Python running two trains. Has it always been like this?

Never Has Gravity Been So Uplifting.

Oh no they're both only one train. I was just saying the lines were long cause they're both one train cause the rides are so short.
"Adventure, Excitement. A Jedi Craves Not These Things."

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