Spoiled brat at Disneyland.

She seemed to start out relevant then went to being a whiny beeyotch. I don't think they will miss her if she never returns with her 100 bucks. :)

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

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It's against my personal policy to watch vlogs. That said, I did so, and was immediately reminded why my personal policy is to avoid vlogs.

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This is why I'm glad that I'm not allowed to bring a gun into a theme park....

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Apparently Disney responded, but she deleted there comment.


I really can't stand this girl and I don't even know her

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That's one of the worst cases of entitlement I've ever seen.


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I refuse to watch the things that make us stupid.

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Looks like most youtube commenters also think this girl is a moron.

"The term is 'amusement park.' An old Earth name for a place where people could go to see and do all sorts of fascinating things." -Spock, Stardate 3025

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She's just an attention whore. I watched through the whole 15 minutes of that video and it was quite painful to watch. I'm willing to bet she majorly exaggerated the times. I don't think it took 1 hour for the staff to say the ride is down. And if she couldn't figure that out, then she's dumb. It isn't rocket science. And the employee did not verbally assault her. Saying "you don't need one" is not being rude. The employee should not be fired, or even get yelled at. And that she kept putting the camera up to her tits just further proves she's just doing this for views. She was not using any common sense at all.


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I bet if they hooked her up to a polygraph lie detector machine, they would find a few lies in there. She makes it seem like the employees just walked away and didn't do anything for her.

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It appears to me that the "rude" cast member had some other guests to tend to. She had better things to do than to spend time with someone who was not going to be satisfied unless Jesus Himself came down and made Splash Mountain operational again. Same goes for the manager in the ride booth. There were more serious problems that required the staff's time. Pleasuring Princess Vlogger's ego was low on the list of important things to do at the time.

Just be happy you got to go to Disneyland again.

If a situation like that causes her to shake, I have no idea what she is going to be able to do for a living.

Maybe from now on she should get to a front of the line disability pass for her social anxiety disorder?

Just when I thought she couldn't get any more nuts just wow...people like her are the reason I thank God everyday that I no longer work in retail. She needs someone to tell her the ride broke? If people are stuck and the water drains out that's not a big hint? Really? I like to end my nights at Cedar Point with a few rides on Blue Streak but sometimes it just doesn't happen and I get over it.

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Personally, I thought the camera angle was the best part of that video.

I couldn't make it past 2 minutes in the video. Attention whore, idiots like this are part of the reason I'm thankful to be well into the second half of my life.

For me it was:
"hey, guys, it's MacKenzie, and welc"

Synopsis for those who smartly chose not to add one more view to this evil leech's 15 minute whine-fest...

Brat was in line for Splash Mountain 1 hour before park closing because 'it loves riding it at night' with her friend Zach. Just before Brat and Zach got on, the ride stopped and ride ops were called to the control station for a meeting. The water began to drain and guests on-board were taken off. Ride ops announced the ride was closed and as a courtesy for their inconvenience, each guest was offered a free Fast Pass for ANY ride in the park. The brat was so upset that the park was only open for 1 more hour and she couldn't get all wet with Zach before going home on Splash Mountain. They asked an op if Splash Mountain would be fixed soon because the park was only open for another hour. When told "probably not" they unnecessarily asked for a manager. They called a manager, but the nervous shaky Brat sissy'd-out and ran to a different ride-op and played nicey-nicey and asked them for a Fast Pass. That cast member gave her one, and they left, all pissy.

My thoughts: Ms Brat, please don't go back to Disneyland, or any other amusement park, ever. Amusement Park rides are mechanical equipment that occasionally breaks down without warning. Disney is aware of that inconvenience and offered to give everyone a Fast Pass as a good customer service gesture. You wanted to complain to a manager over something that no one had control over? Take your free Fast Pass and gtfo. Parks do not need 'guests' like you.


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You don't understand. She's entitled to amusement park rides that never, ever break down.

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Apparently she's never been to a Six Flags

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Don't let the exit gate smack you on the way out.

She thinks her raw uncut footage will win her points.

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