Splish Splash Water Park Offering a Fast Pass for 2012 - How will this work?

I just saw on their web site that Splish Splash is offering a fast pass type thing (They are calling it "H2Go!") How do you think this will this work in a waterpark setting?

I'm sure they will use wristbands instead of electronic devices - but will they need to revise their platforms? Add more staff?

Has this been done before in a waterpark setting?

Any thoughts?

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It was tested at Six Flags White Water last summer and it's being added to other SF water parks this year including Great Adventure.

Based on the reports I don't like the sound of it. For the lazy river it's not an issue but for the slide towers it really is problematic. They used an example of a 3 slide tower. One slide was just for Flashpass, the other 2 were for the regular line. Even when no Flashpass users were using the other slide no one else could use it, essentially making that one slide an upcharge and making the already low capacity slides have an even longer wait. That also meant those who had purchased Flashpass couldn't use the other 2 slides at that tower. I'd hate to have my favorite slide become a Flashpass only slide and then not be able to use it anymore unless I paid extra for Flashpass.

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I've always said that front-of-the-line access on a water slide will amplify what is wrong with front-of-the-line access in the first place.

I also do not like the idea that if I purchase a fast pass admission plan at a water park, I will still have to wait in line to ride the slides that do not offer it (on the same tower). When I do a slide tower, I like to ride all the slides to see which one I like the best, and then ride that one over and over.


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Water Country USA in Williamsburg ran this last year. There was a seperate line for Quick Queue guests on their major rides, and dedicated slides for them to ride on identical slides (no line had slide complexes with different experiences.) If no one was in the Quick Queue line, the lifeguards simply had the standard line bleed over.

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I understand why it's happening but don't like this trend at all because the capacity of waterslides is very low. Even with identical slides side by side on a tower, one slide can mysteriously be way more fun than the one that looks exactly the same, right next to it. I don't have a problem with the fast pass on regular rides since they can just be blended in on the platform and difference isn't really that noticeable. With the glacial pace of a body slide line and slide restrictions this will have a much bigger impact on the experience of the patron that doesn't splurge for the fast pass.

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