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Monday, July 8, 2019 11:39 PM

I promise...this one won't take too long.

I made my first trip of the summer on July 6. It turned out to be a great idea. The forecast called for thunderstorms and the morning was cloudy as promised.

On the way on the Long Island Expressway I hit ZERO traffic and I even stopped by the Long Island Welcome Center which had VERY clean bathrooms, but weird "New York ONly" food and vending. I just used the fountain.

On a regularly sunny weekend day the park could be insanely crowded. When I got there the park was at maybe 15 - 20 percent capacity. It took 2 minutes to scan my voucher and get a "Bring-a-friend" ticket that I will use with my son on antoher day.

The temps were mid 80s, and the water would be cool. I didn't do too much...because I didn't want to. I sat in Soak City so the spill-over water from the Abyss would pound my back (Ahhh…..)

I did some time in the wave pool. I took a lap on the lazy river...took a nap...relaxed...alll good.

There was an announcemnt that storms were in the area and that they would be shutting down operations for one hour. People in my area (Kahuna Wavepool) took their chairs and set up temporary camp near the restrooms. One lady was complaining, "If they make us wait an hour, are they going to stay open an hour later?"

I did enjoy watching a praying mantis walking back and forth repeatedly on a hand rail. Those things are rare and it was cool to watch. I'm sure he was praying for an aphid or mosquito. Unfortunately, Johnny Rockets doesn't have that on the menu.

The heavy rains missed us and a second announcement came on the PA that said "The strom is leaving the area and everything would open up in 20 minutes." And they did. And people were happy.

A few random observations...

I never noticed this before, but a waterpark river-tube ride is the only place where you might find your feet accidently placed inches from a stranger's face...and it's all good....no problems.

Getting into or out of a tube gracefully is not ever going to happen for me.

This year...it looks like they got some new tubes.

There are no new attractions at Splish Splash in 2019...but they really don't need much. THey have a funnel, a bowl, a long single drop, a double-dip drop (Similar to Kennywood's Jack Rabbit), a floor drop, a mat raceer, two wave pools, a projection slide, a coster, a slide without tubes, a drop n dunk, the fire water at the boat that is firing at you ride, a kiddie section... There really is not a need at this point for a new thing...the list that they have is solid.

That being said, I would love an "adult Only" section like Morey's and some more shade, but the lineup for the general public is okie dokie! Also some heated water would be spectacular.

Again, they do get crowded on nice days...but if they weren't, they wouldn't or shouldn't be in business.

It was a nice day and a nice start to my riding season.

Thank you for reading this.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019 4:48 PM

The Mantis was a she and she was looking for her husband to kill and eat.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019 8:43 PM

Good catch...thanks RCMAC!

I do not mean to "troll" but I forgot something that had a big impact on me at the time...

For a couple of years, Splish Splash had an in-house, close-circuit loop of music with a nameless announcer reminding us that we were listening to "Splash-Jams." They would play the usual and safe assortment of pop, contemporary country, tired oldies, etc.

This year they got rid of the branding and kept the playlist pretty much the same.

As I was walking to the river ride I heard a song that was so out of place that it hit me as a stupid mistake. I heard The Band Perry, a country group that has not had too many hits of late, singing "If I Die Young." This was a big country hit a few years ago, but the lyrics and sentiment have absolutely no business being played at a family water park.

It was so out of place and (probably) there weren't too many people who noticed.

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!


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