Splashin Safari Strategy

We're going to make a visit to Holiday World soon for the first time in a long time; it's been before Mammoth opened!

Is there any strategy to hitting all three water coasters with minimal wait? I know we'll want to be at rope drop at the Spalshin' Safari entrance. But beyond that...
-Which entrance would be best? The main one near Legend or the one by Voyage? I'm only seeing lockers just inside the main SS entrance.
-What is a typical wait these days? I recall waiting 45 minutes for Wildebeest years ago on a Saturday.
-I would think the water coasters would have the longest lines in SS and we should make those our first three rides. Any particular order to minimize the wait?

I'm thinking about reserving a Cheetah Chase lounger pod. Only two loungers but they look like a nice place to drop our stuff and have a central area to chill out if needed, and they're not terribly expensive. Has anyone tried these?

So I was there on a really light day but, Mamooth and Wildebeast have SRL, Cheetah Chase does not. Cheetah Chase is also not as good as the other two. I did chase, mammoth, wildebeast.

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"Hey Siri, what is SRL?"

"SRL can mean a limited liability company. This answer is from Wikipedia."




2022 Trips: WDW, Sea World San Diego & Orlando, CP, KI, BGW, Bay Beach, Canobie Lake, Universal Orlando

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"Hey Siri, what is SRL?"

Yeah. I find myself muttering “****in’ acronyms” under my breath quite often, and not just on here. I do it at work all the time. Sometimes, there are situations where I can’t figure them out even when using context clues, and I’m left wondering a) why don’t I know this?, and/or b) why am I expected to know this?

Thought it was something a dyslexic photographer would say.

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Suggestion for CoasterBuzz...

Add a new button at the bottom of the posts beside link, reply, and quote, that is for CCBAT. (Common CoasterBuzz Abbreviations and Terminologies) It would bring up an informative popup window. That way we will eventually speak our own language and start a roller coaster enthusiast cult.


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Or just type out words.


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What Vater said. We already have a perfectly good language that has words.

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It’s a simple matter of settings

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