Spirit of the Point reopens with 278 new pictures

Posted Monday, November 19, 2001 7:06 PM | Contributed by Dan

Spirit of the Point has reopened with a brand new photo gallery with 278 pictures. New sections of the photo gallery include contruction shots of Millennium Force & Verigo. There is also a page featuring some of the old ride entrance signs and a great page dedicated to night time photography at the point.

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Monday, November 19, 2001 7:40 PM
Wow, that's quite a library. I saw MagnumDan when he took the picture of monster at night!

Save Cheese-on-a-stick!

Tuesday, November 20, 2001 2:10 AM
That's awesome Dan. Great collection of pictures!

403 Laps

Tuesday, November 20, 2001 3:49 AM
Well done, Dan. You have lots of great and unique pictures.
Tuesday, November 20, 2001 7:29 AM
That guy on the Discovery Channel has way more rides than you! ;) Seriously, I like some of the pics. They are pics that other people haven't already taken (such as the signs) which make them unique. Good job... :)

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Tuesday, November 20, 2001 2:54 PM
Wow some of those are incredible!  It's cool to see the giant wheel pictures where it used to be, and all of the character ride signs!  This Raptor picture is awesome!  If you could blow up those two for wallpaper size it would look great.  Better yet, print them really big on special Kodak paper or something and sell them, I'd buy em!

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