"Spinball Whizzer" and "Dragons Fury" videos and pics

Tuesday, March 30, 2004 8:06 AM
Both Maurer Spinners have opened in the UK last week. It seems that DF has some technical problems and is currently closed and repaired by the Maurer Team.

For your viewing pleasure:

Dragons Fury Video (offride, following whole course):

Dragons Fury onride:

Pictures of themed area: "Land of the Dragons"

Spinball Whizzer video (zip):

Spinball Whizzer pictures:

I think that Dragons Fury has a far superior layout and better theming than Alton Towers rather lame pinball theming.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004 10:25 AM
Looks cool, any headed for the US anytime soon?

The only thing I see asa a disadvantage is low capacity. (Unless that line in the first video is just "new ride lines") *** Edited 3/30/2004 3:58:34 PM UTC by RCT_MASTER***

Tuesday, March 30, 2004 11:36 AM
So far here in the US the only Maurer Sohne spinning coaster built is Spider at Lagoon Park in Utah, although it is a different model than the two in the UK. I believe that the two new installations this year at Waldameer and Seabreeze are going to be the same model. Does anyone know what the difference is between the Xtended SC 2000 and 3000 models are? It is that the 2000 installations are a standard layout, while the 3000 is customized? Anyway, I hope to see more of either model pop up here in the US, as they look like a blast.
Tuesday, March 30, 2004 1:51 PM
The SC 3000 is a custom design incorporating special elements such as interrupted track, tilting sections, dropping tracks and vertical-tilting lifts.

Go here for detailed information:

Concerning capacity: It is possible to dispatch a car every 12 seconds. This way you have a constantly moving line and a better capacity than Deja Vu or any other coaster with one train operation. *** Edited 3/30/2004 6:54:02 PM UTC by tricktrack***

Tuesday, March 30, 2004 6:21 PM
Wow the spinning coasters at Phantasialand look absolutely insane! The different special effects involving the track look crazy. Just go to the SC 3000 page and click on the layout button and you can see what this out of control coaster looks like. I wish they made more coasters like that in the US.
Wednesday, March 31, 2004 3:42 AM
^Here is a picture gallery of the Phantasialand spinners:


The seesaws and other effects are all in enclosed areas and are obscured from view.
You can walk all the way up to the roof of the complex and you´ll be VERY close to some parts of the tracks.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004 4:37 PM
I've ridden Dragons Fury, and its a really good coaster.

The Ride is very high on thrills while not being too intense and fits in really well to the family theme of the park, its also great how it winds around Land of the Dragons. Also the Immelman Element and the Helix are very good indeed, and there is a pretty good airtime hill in there too ;)

Land of the Dragons looks very nice indeed, and I think will be a hit for Chessington, Its still not all fully finished though with Canapy Capers(One of the attractions) being the main culprit not ready. Hopefully everything will be finished very soon though.

Also It has now been reported Dragons Fury has actually been reopened, there was some technical problems with the ride but all appears to be sorted, It also didnt open until 5.45PM on opening day(15 mins before park closure) because H&S picked up a slight defect on the trains and ordered a minor improvement to be made to the trains, there is also an issue with the trains not re-aligning when coming back into the station, but I think thats ok now.

Off to Ride Spinball Whizzer this coming weekend, cant wait to compare them

Thursday, April 1, 2004 1:28 AM
Thanks for the report Paul. Please let us know your opinion of the two rides compared.
Thursday, April 1, 2004 1:38 AM
S.H.O.T.S ;)
Thursday, April 1, 2004 2:15 AM
^I thought this was your prediction for the Gerstlauer spinners?!
Anyway, I think 2004 is full of sleepers: Spinners galore, Typhoon@Bobbejaanland, HotTrip@KLotten, Thunderhead@Dolly, Daemonen@Tivoli.
Its a slow year for Intamin and B&M!
Thursday, April 1, 2004 9:19 AM
It's going to be a Reverchon Spinning Mouse.
Thursday, April 1, 2004 1:24 PM
The spin on Dragon's Fury looks really lame compared to Timberland twister. still looks cool though.

What do you mean it can have interrupted track, and vertical tilting? I read the site but it didn't explain it, just stated it.

Thursday, April 1, 2004 3:29 PM

Turbo said:
What do you mean it can have interrupted track, and vertical tilting? I read the site but it didn't explain it, just stated it.

Click here:

Then click "amusement rides", then "Xtended SC 3000", then "layout description" and you´ll see the two layouts with some sketchy things like "seesaw", etc.

The ride starts with your car rolling into a small room. Doors close and its completely dark. The car begins its vertical climb (you are in an elevator)while tilting forwards. When the climbing stops, your car is angled at about 45°. The car lines up with the connecting track and is released into the first drop. (add sound and light effects).

You coast through the building while spinning until your car enters a darkened room in an upward slope. If you happen to look forward, you´ll see that the track ends in front of you. You slam into the brakes and the whole track with your car is tilting forward (on the second track it swings sideways) to another connecting track piece. The ride continous until you hit the brakes.
While rolling back towards the station (its dark again) the whole track with your car drops about 3 feet to the ground and bounces back up.

All those effects are enclosed and obscured from view, thats why I can´t post links to pictures.

Thursday, April 1, 2004 5:28 PM

Those coasters really look awesome. PaulD, how is the capacity. It looks like those rides are a capacity nightmare. Then again, it seemed the crew was doing a good job.

Dragons Fury actually seems to have good capasity. When the trains come into the station off the end brakes, they keep moving slowly moving through the station which means the trains are always on the move(So basiclly they never stop and load the trains ever unless there is a delay) and when the crew work well, the capasity can be quite high so its a very unique system(Does any other spinning coasters in the US use this system??)

On opening day after my quick first ride, I dashed round for another ride and the queue was already a fairly decent length, However it only took me 25 mins which I think was a good queueing time because of what style of coaster it is(I fully expected a queueing time of nearly double that) Also bear in mind they only had 6 trains running out of 9 available(they can run all 9 trains) so you can imagine what they can do with all 9 trains running.

The spin on Dragon's Fury looks really lame compared to Timberland twister. still looks cool though.

I think Maurer have have toned down the spinning slighty somehow on the ride because of the ride being at a family park, chessington obviously dont want a major intense spinning coaster at their park because it wouldnt fit in with the style of the park, the ride certaintly isnt lame though and still gives plenty of thrills and spinning action,It Still very good fun.

Thursday, April 1, 2004 6:19 PM
Hmm, I think I like the Alton Version more(I'm such a sucker for bright colors), but I really hate the speed of that ride. It just seems like it's going too fast.

Dragon's fury has that crazy twisted immelman though....


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