Spending in Disney parks rises as economy improves

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Per-visitor spending at Disney's domestic parks has increased 7 percent to 8 percent annually for the past four years. That figure outpaces attendance growth and is higher than in previous years back to 2003, when Disney began providing those details in regulatory filings.

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This drives me nuts:

Still, "it seems like there's a lot more … opportunities for those with more money to get something better than everybody else," said Paris, 44.

How is that different from anything else in the world of commerce, and why does that bother you if the "base" experience is still awesome? The following quote about the "Disney spirit" might be worse. If you think Disney is about charity, you're doing it wrong and they already own you.

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It's crazy that so many now think there should be economic equality for all, having more money shouldn't get you more. Let's rip out first class on all airliners and only allow people to purchase Chevys. The last line also bothers me - "it's a life experience. It's a one-time experience." Why? It's a theme park, it's not that expensive that it is a one-time experience. There are ways to enjoy it as many times as you like. Heck, you can stay at Cedar Point's Breakers Hotel for a week and spend just as much as a Disney vacation.

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It's because they got rid of all the poor people (only half joking).

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