Specific elements for B&M coaster types

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Is there a particular reason that certain elements seem to only appear on certain types of B&M coasters?

Immelmans (immelmen?) almost always show up on inverts and all the newer dive coasters (with a few exceptions) while dive loops almost always show up on sitdown/floorlesses. As far as I know, the only Batwings are on Inverts.

Inclined loops are only on standups.

And the new dive drops on the wing coasters don't show up anywhere else.

Why isn't there more mixing and matching of elements on different types of coasters?

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This is a good topic, you mature owl, you. :)

This is something I've never actually given much thought to, at least not actively. Now that you mention it, though, it's quite interesting. Seems that any and all of these rides should be capable of the same maneuvers.

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Sure, but it depends on the nature of the trains and the dynamics on the human body. The flyers, for example, have a pretty limited range of things you want to do to the human body in that position. The dive coasters have giant, wide trains that would essentially "amplify" forces on the outside riders compared to the inside riders. The wing coasters have a similar issue, though not as extreme.

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Sure, but if you can execute an Immelman on a particular style of coaster, a dive loop should be possible, in theory. What is stopping a sit down or floorless coaster from having an inclined loop or an inverting drop?

Flyers are a horse of a different color. So much that I almost kind of forgot about them in this instance.

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Speaking specifically to the slow rollover maneuver preceding the first drop, you have to have a special harness to execute that. The padded vest makes it far more comfortable than B&M's standard OTSR would, I believe, since the restraint is actually supporting some of your body's load at your shoulders.

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No special harness required. Hydra has standard B&M restraints, and it has the pre-lift JoJo roll, which is just as slow as the top-of-lift inversion.

JoJo at the TOP of the lift hill is what should happen - followed by the roll over/drop

I guess it'd be similar to what premier did on superman SFDK, but more B&My

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"Have to have" was a poor choice of words. I was thinking in terms of comfort rather than safety. Never ridden Hydra though, so I can't say that the JoJo roll is uncomfortable. Just speculation.

I thought the JoJo roll was a bit interesting. I did not like or dislike it. I think I would prefer it at faster speeds because of the restraints.

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The Jojo roll is THE interesting thing about Hydra....that and the fact that it sits on Herc's burial plot (Halloween-themed post!).

The inclined loop has my immediate focus, esp. since Rainier Rush (formerly Typhoon at Santa's Village) just opened at Puyallup - clearly that element can be taken with a standard sit-down train...and yet no B&Ms have one...

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But I can't imagine there's anything wrong dynamics-wise with a floorless or sitdown having a batwing given that they have tight loops, tight corkscrews, tight immelmans (Daemon) and tight diveloops (B:TR SFNE). And yet we've never seen it.

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More food for thought- Shockwave at Drayton Manor is the only standup coaster with a zero-g roll. Having never been on it, I can't say whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.

I think the JoJo roll on Hydra is telling that perhaps B&M is willing to try different elements on coasters, but most parks don't make specific requests of that nature, so the B&M team designs the elements based on what has worked well before.

Oh, I dont know.
But Andy, I do think if you want to be correct you should use the term "immelpersons".

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"Jojo Roll"? Sounds like a sex move in the Jersey Shore. And it looks like a barrel roll, what's the difference?

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bjames said:

And it looks like a barrel roll, what's the difference?


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