Speaking of the Medusa's......

Thursday, July 11, 2002 10:56 AM
Has anyone ridden Medusa South, at SFM? I know its nothing like the other 2 but I was wondering what it was like, looks like it's a twister, a pretty big one too... anyone ridden it?? Thanks
Friday, July 12, 2002 5:34 PM
Oh, one ride(story) I barely ever mention. On a trip down to San Andreas we had to make an "unscheduled" landing in Mexico because of a storm near the island. Well, I didn't get to see my blood-relatives, but I did get to meet a cousin of Six Flags . The ride itself is in a perfect/terrible setting. To reach Medusa(or any of the rides), you'd virtually need hiking shoes, no thanks to the hills of the Sierra Madres. The way the ride nests on the hillsides provides big drops in unexpected places especially the last drop, that was sweet. The trees and the huge structure that you pass through are like natural tunnel and supreme head choppers. The ride turns from its twisted layout and leaves of into some swooping dives and hill through the forest only to enter the twisted side for one last turnaround. Unfortunately, Six Flags has kind of ruined yet another woodie again, it was pretty smooth, but what was with those trims they added to the second big drop? The ride had only been in operation for three years when I rode it. It probably would have been a little intense on those tight diving drops on the second half, but that doesn't mean to kill all the speed. It took a major affect on the drop before the last major turnaround when you comeback through the structure because after all those low hill you come back up a high turn at the most rediculous speed. It's a great woodie, but I would never have put it in Six Flags hands.

By the way, have weeds become a major part of the Gotham theme? Six Flags realy loved to use it on SFM's Batman:The Ride, as they did with Batwing as well. If Six Flags is building two B&M Batman Inverteds now, why couldn't they have given a little more effort into the Batman:The Ride down there? I mean except for the drop tower and front area of the section, there is little to none of the Batman themeing, they should have just done with something original or the Mind Eraser trend instead of just giving them a chip of the block. It's like puting up a beautiful sign and theme imediately following it is a mile ling path through the weeds.


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