Space Mountain at WDW 2 different coasters?

Thursday, December 5, 2002 11:06 AM
I know there is an Alpha track and an Omega track but is the layout the same?
Thursday, December 5, 2002 11:21 AM
The coasters are mirror images of each other. Different people have different views on whether they are two coasters. If it was a racer I'd say one, but I think it's two coasters pushed up close to each other. If there was a 100 foot gap between them I'm sure more people would consider them two coasters. So at what point does proximity make 2 coasters count as one? :)

- Peabody

Thursday, December 5, 2002 11:24 AM

So is Primevil Whirl two coasters?

How bout this one:

If they were on opposite sides of the park I bet no one would say those 2 are one. So they put 'em next to each other..... :)

- Peabody

Thursday, December 5, 2002 11:39 AM
Actually, I blelieve the layouts are slightly different for each side, thus, they are both a different coaster. Primeval Whirl, on the other hand, is just two identical coasters next to each other.

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Thursday, December 5, 2002 11:41 AM
Correct, they are NOT mirror images. The tracks (particular the end of each ride) do vary.
Thursday, December 5, 2002 11:43 AM
I also seem to remember them as being slightly different. Memory tells me that one side has a slightly longer drop than the other, which is why I favored it. Of course I could be wrong, very wrong.
Thursday, December 5, 2002 1:40 PM
Aren't some of the turns reversed depending on what side you are on? For instance the left turns on one side are reight turns on the other. That's what I seem to remember, but my memory could be very hazy.
Thursday, December 5, 2002 2:14 PM

tservo - that's what "mirror image" means.

thrill 2 - count WDW's Space Mountain however you want. If you think its 2, count it that way. It doesn't matter what anyone else says.


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Thursday, December 5, 2002 4:10 PM
Here we go again. It's 2 coasters if you think it's two coasters. If you don't think it's 2 coasters the it isn't. The meaning doesn't go beyond your personal track record unless you are trying for the Guinees Book which leaves most of us out.
Thursday, December 5, 2002 4:26 PM
I was thinking the same thing that Peabody was , if Primeval Whril's tracks were on opposite sides of the park, and had a different name, then it would be considered 2 coasters! There nnot ajoined at all, the queue is in the middle. So yeah it's two ( gets extra count on track record :) )

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Thursday, December 5, 2002 5:38 PM

The two tracks (one coaster) named Alpha and Omega are very, very similar. One is about 10 feet longer and has one extra drop. They are slightly different from each other because you can't exactly have things running into each other! (*cough* Zyklon @ Fun Spot)

- John
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Thursday, December 5, 2002 7:42 PM
My rules are based on the experience. American Eagle, which many count as two seperate rides, gives me the same basic experience, so I call it one ride. Rides like Dueling Dragons, Gwazi, and Lightning Racer look to me like they would give different rides, So I count them differently in my mind at the moment. If I ever get a chance to ride them for myself, perhaps that will change. Keep in mind that the scenery is much of what gives a coaster an experience- you'll never get quite the same ride on every identical Boomerang, even if it's just that there's dirt below one and parking lot below another. Track structure, particularly wooden track structure, can be extremely important scenery, hence why I think Gwazi and LR look different. Space Mountain, on the other hand, has only the scenery the imagineers gave it. Everything is pretty much the same, and the rides are so twisted that differences are hard (though not impossible) to notice. Because I personally get the same effect from both rides, I count them as one. But you may not, so just do as you will!
Thursday, December 5, 2002 7:48 PM
They aren't mirror images. One side has more drops while the other has more turns.
Friday, December 6, 2002 4:15 AM

As a former Disney employee who has ridden Space Mountain over 1000 times on both sides, I can tell you they are mirrors, except for slight variations where the 2 trains cross to the opposite side of the building (if they were true mirrors, there would be a crash). I used to have it memorized and could draw it, but that was 7 years ago when I worked there. I do know that there are 4 drops on each side. One behind the lift (preceeded by a upwards hill and turn), one next to the lift, one right after that one (runs along the queue side of the bldg, next to the far end of the queue and can be seen from the TTA), and the last one, which is the biggest and comes 1 turn after the one i just mentioned, is in the middle somewhere and is followed by a helix. I've seen pics online before of the layout and ones with the lights on.

here's a link to facts:

I couldn't find any pics of the layout except a hand drawing that wasn't accurate.

-Matt D.

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Saturday, December 7, 2002 7:57 AM
Not that I'm really into "counting coasters", but as far as I'm concerned, racers are two unless they are like what the Racer at Kennywood is. PW, it's two coasters, Space Mountain, two coasters. You could blow one up, you'd still have a coaster. Rebel Yell, the Paramount racers, if you only ride one side, there's a whole 'nother coaster you haven't been on yet. I've been on Gemini at CP, but only the red side, there's STILL a blue Gemini for me to ride.

It's like if I'm in the business of building boxes. If I build a box, it's not going to stop being a box if I build another just like it & place it right next to it, LOL. The two boxes can also be as similar & different, they'll still be two boxes. If I call both boxes by the same names, it doesn't really change anything. If I pack one of 'em off, send it to live in a different place, both places would have boxes wouldn't they? Or say, both boxes come from different places, they are moved into the same building, does this make there only one box?

One side or half "vanishes" or stops working, the other can still be there and/or operate, there must have been two coasters there. If one side is dependant on the other half/side, the ride cannot operate without it, it's one. No matter how thick the cheese factor, JMHO, when they put two of the same thing together, there really is two. Two doesn't make one.

Makes me wonder about the mass amounts of you who ride & count KIDDIE coasters, but cannot see a racer or double possibly counting as two because "they are the same ride experience".

Saturday, December 7, 2002 10:23 PM
Like I said before, it's your own opinoin, so I'm not going to say you can't count them the way you do... But I do see a flaw in your logic for justifying it the way you do: Most Racers, even dual-tracked ones like Gemini and Rebel Yell, would not work without the other one. In fact, they would soon not exist. You see, you can not seperate most racers: the right-hand side needs the supports on the left just as much as it needs the ones on the right. Almost all the supports on these rides take forces from all the trains. Therefore, your boxes would have to have an open side each that need to be taped together: Otherwise, the box wouldn't hold anything. Now, is this new contraption one box that works, or two boxes that only work together? That's your call.

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