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Wednesday, April 25, 2001 12:47 PM
A number of us collect items from parks (see the forum topic on "favorite souvenirs" for an example. Personally, I collect patches and mugs and Christmas ornaments.

Last summer, we made our coaster trip in late season (to make Kennycon) and I was unable to find patches that were already sold out in some of the parks (I don't think they were just never made, as I have seen some on other riders). While I have picked up a few on E-bay, what is on there is inconsistent, and usually not current stock (people trying to sell discontinued "collector's items" are more usual).

My question is whether there is a site where coaster enthsiasts help other needy enthusiasts by picking things up at their home parks for them? As I've mentioned before (last July, I think), I'll help anybody who wants one get a San Diego Giant Dipper item. (Again, same disclaimer as last year: I am not in this business, and this is not a commercial promotion -- I'm just trying to be helpful and frendly!)

Can anyone help?
Wednesday, April 25, 2001 1:03 PM
Personally I like to collect shot glasses, posters, beer/wine glasses, shirts, and wedge style banners. My collection of shot glasses has grown quite large now. Although I will continue getting new ones as I see fit. The one that really I would like help on is with posters. They seem to be hard to find. I do have one of SOB from PKI and also one of PKD's 25th anniversary (or something like that). This is a new collection that I am starting and would like to have it really start to take off.

My home park is SFGAM near Chicago. I am will to pay for posters from other parks or trade with others if there are items they want from my homepark. Feel free to contact me. And i have gotten stuff for friends from parks before. if that counts as answering the above question.

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