Southern California theme parks tone down scary attractions this year

Posted Tuesday, October 23, 2001 7:09 AM | Contributed by Brian Grapes

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that several Southern California theme parks and attractions decided to go with lighter versions of haunted houses this year.

Read more from The LA Times.

Tuesday, October 23, 2001 8:56 AM
While I don't do haunted houses, one in the Northeast Ohio area ("Nightmare in Painesville") is billing one of their 4 mazes as a "Serial Killer House".  I guess the "toned-down" Halloween attractions won't be showing up around here!


Tuesday, October 23, 2001 9:38 AM
I have an idea.  At the hanging at Knott's, they should dress the guy to be hung up as Osama Bin Laden... No????
Tuesday, October 23, 2001 12:07 PM
Wyandot lake is a little lighter this year in terms of props. Also Cedar Point has not put out the Crashed Iron Dragon car or the fallen black Sky ride tub #13.
Tuesday, October 23, 2001 2:04 PM
Dorney still had the Hercules Car that is all smashed up from the crash. The put ghosts in it, it was down by Joker and the turn to the lift hill.
Tuesday, October 23, 2001 4:18 PM
While Osama might fit in fine at the Hanging, I think it may be too sensitive of a subject right now. As much as I would like to see Freddy Krueger get his claws on him...
Not this year.

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