South Of The Border & Nascar Speedpark 7/18/08 (Day 7)

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This day was meant to be a driving day - from Myrtle Beach to Huntington, WV. Not the best plan in the world, but it's a plan. Along the way we stopped at South Of The Border and the Nascar Speedpark at Concord Mills in Concord, NC just north of Charlotte.

- SOTB is weak. I suppose the kitschy aspect is still amusing, but the place is nasty.

- Pedroland Park appeared to have roughtly 4 operating ride all in exactly the condition you'd expect.

- We actually took the elevator to the top of the sombrero. It's only $1 a head. Great views of crap from 200 feet up. Whee!

- Who actually owns SOTB? And has anything been done to any of the structures since they were built?

- I'm still surprised at the popularity of the Nascar Speedpark locations. This one was at a mall and we stopped by a little before 5pm on a Friday and there were still lines to ride.

- I'm also amazed at how consistent the locations are. Mini Golf, Bumper Boats, Arcade, Shop, a couple of basic kiddie flats and the same collection of tracks at pretty much every location I've been to so far.

- With that said, this one actually had a small, multi-level, indoor track.

- We grabbed some Auntie Anne's pretzels on the way out. :)

Anyone have anything to add about either SOTB or the Nascar Speedparks? That's all I got.

(I apologize for this one, but in my own anal interest of completeness, had to include a Day 7 TR)

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I always wondered how much money SOTB has spent on billboards. ;)

It's one of those places where you really can't pass up, no matter how cheesy it looks. ;)

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How come I've always heard SOTB is closed?!

Pedro say, "Gringo, You got hosed!"

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

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