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I was at work and had to go online to find a Zoning Application for a certain township. After I downloaded that, I noticed there was a tab on the township's website that said "summer ticket discounts."

Being really curious, I decided to click and see what it was about. The gist of it is that you can purchase tickets at discounted rates for many parks and attractions through the township's Parks and Recreation office. Just for the heck of it, I checked out other local webpages and found the exact same list on a few of them.

Some of the prices are pretty sweet! I saw they even offer tickets for EVERY Busch park, including SeaWorlds across the whole country. I would have never thought to look on a township website for discounted park tickets.

The downside is you have to buy the tickets in person, so there's no advantage for "outsiders." But I noticed you don't have to be a resident to be able to buy tickets. I'm passing this along so people could check if there's a Recreation Commission in their own town that might have a similar program. *** Edited 6/12/2008 6:25:54 PM UTC by RatherGoodBear***

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That's pretty sweet.

That's double pretty sweet.

I've bought tickets from our local Farm Bureau's office. I didn't have choices that good though!

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Someone posted a site that had Kennywood tickets at a nice discount and now I can't fine it.

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When I lived in State College, PA, I always bought advanced tickets from my local Park and Rec office! It was a win/win situation. I got a deep discount and my purchase went to the community. The office was only about a mile from my house too!

Not only did they sell amusement park tickets, they also sold Zoo and water park tickets!

EDIT - I said it "went" to the community when I really should have said that it "supported" my community.

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In addition I just heard Lake Compounce twilight tickets are $10. It was supposedly in the paper, don't hold me to that. They haven't changed the website but I'll check it out.

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^Damn, just browsing around that site -

Price for Four (4) Regular Admission Tickets/Passes
KENNYWOOD $74.95 + FREE parking
Cedar Point $171.80 + 10.00 parking*
Six Flags (KY) $159.96 + 5.00 parking*
Hershey Park (PA) $191.80 + 6.00 parking*

I've never seen a park promote like that. It's quite aggressive, really. I like it. That sort of direct, park vs. park competition is something that really makes the industry better for everyone.

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But that's "promotional" Kennywood prices verses other park's "Regular" admission prices.

Still, $18.73 is an awfully good deal for a great park like Kennywood!

I wonder if they got the idea for comparing prices from previous posts here at CoasterBuzz?

The price comparison has been up there like that for some time -- I know I saw it last summer when we bought tix from there and it *may* even have been there the prior summer.

That said, I agree that it's a great idea -- if I weren't a season passholder, it would be less expensive to do a day trip (even with the drive... 3hrs for me vs 2 to CP or KI) to Kennywood than any other local park. Heck, even with my season pass, I still go and consider it a great value! LOL!


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The one thing that caught my eye was that Hershey's parking apparently went up $4 this season.

The visitkennywood site says the comparisons are valid as of 2/8/08 based on '07 pricing, but if you go to the Hershey site it says parking is $10.

Did they really bump it four bucks this year?

But yeah, that's an awesome approach even if the comparisons seem a little odd (SFKK?) and it does explicitly mention that they're comparing promotional prices to regular prices.

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Thanks for the link, Bear! That will come in handy this year!


I looked at that list and had to laugh that Clementon Park is on there. I doubt many peope would drive from that area to Clementon Park.

But yeah some of those prices are really sweet. *** Edited 6/13/2008 12:29:51 PM UTC by dragonoffrost***

Watch the tram car please....
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@Super Loopy, thanks for that link! $22 for a one day. Great price!

No problem, and as I mentioned before, they changed how the "family four pack" works this year. They are now four individual tickets and can be used anytime throughout the year separately. Last year they issued one ticket and all four people had to be present to redeem it.

I bought the four pack when a friend and I wanted to go because Jess and I will go again later in the season. So we'll take advantage of all four tickets at two different visits.

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Gonch, I thought parking @ HP was $8.00 last year. With the SP, I haven't paid parking for a few years. Even the past few Bears games I went to, we used a shuttle, so I didn't pay to park.

Maybe they want to quickly pay off what had to be a humongous construction bill to enlarge the parking and driveways around the Giant Center. :)

I mapped out a trip to Kennywood and the 198 miles away they told me I was became 256 on Mapquest. Well, there was a shorter trip that took me smack through central PA, but takes an extra hour LOL.

No comment on the "Ohio Loves Kennywood" tab? Now that's ballsy!

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