Sonny is tons better

phantomrider3000 said:
How long was the wait to get on it? The park looked pretty packed when we passed it on our way to Stricker's.

We got to the park at about 8 after leaving Stricker's. The crowds had thinned out by then, the only lines were for FOF and Firehawk. We waited about 10 minutes for Sonny.

Another thing I noticed is that the very weird back and forth motion you used to get in the drops is now completely gone. I don't really know how to describe the old motion but it was odd. *** Edited 7/5/2007 9:01:17 PM UTC by MagnumsRevenge***

-Brent Kneebush

Think about weight this way, while the lower weight may make it go slower on drops, it will also go faster going back up because there is less weight. It probably isn't too much faster/slower either way though.

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I too got a ride in on Sonny last night after visiting Strickers. I must be the complete opposite of everyone on this site, because I never had what I would call a particularly rough ride on SOB before the accident. But last night . . . ouch! It had to be an order of two or three more painful, especially hitting the bottom of the rosebowl.

Pagoda, to answer your question, they did indeed rebuild the queues on the platform. Think about it: you'd have to redo them, because you're switching from the old three-bench trains, which require a rail system like this: bench/bench/bench - space - bench/bench/bench -space, to the G-train configuration: bench/bench - space - bench/bench - space - bench/bench - space.

I do not like those Gerstlauer trains at all. They're painful, not to mention cheap and ugly looking.

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I do not like those Gerstlauer trains at all. They're painful, not to mention cheap and ugly looking.


And the Premiers weren't?


Never said that.

But the G-trains certainly aren't any improvement.

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I thought they were just fixing it so it wouldn't break peoples ribs. Who cares if the trains are just as ugly before. I don't get that analysis of rides. I asked some lady last year after riding Patriot if she liked the ride and she replied "No" I then asked why and she then replied "Because the paint job is ugly" How does ugliness make a ride bad?

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