Son of the Beast

Does anyone know when the Son of the Beast is going to be opened in 2007? I also heard that they were taking the loop out of the ride. Any info to help?
I would say no earlier than June.

And there's always a possibility it won't open this season.

You heard they were taking the loop out of the ride? OMG!! WHERE!! You have GOT to be kidding, NO WAY....


rcdb is your friend... google is your friend... the parks official website is your friend lol. *** Edited 4/12/2007 8:04:12 PM UTC by P18***

Maybe they will get a piece of track the curves a little for the offset of the loop, and it will go swoosh.

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What is "the son of the beast"? I always thought it was Beast and Son of Beast.


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They removed the loop AND the "the" from the name.... ;)
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I thought they were adding the "the" in place of the loop. ;)
I thought they were removing the loop but not replacing the track (and you thought it was rough before!) to make it the worlds 2nd "jumping" coaster

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You guys are idiots

P18 said:

rcdb is your friend... google is your friend... the parks official website is your friend lol.

Because God knows no one her is your friend. :)


Not a good first two posts, psiegert...
and not a good way to make friends on here, either. It's sarcasm, and it's your friend.
I'm not really concerned with how I am perceived by people who spend their days and nights gossiping about things that they heard. You are the biggest idiot of all.
So ... isn't that exactly what you are doing and why you are here? You are welcome to go back where you came from with that double-standard and attitude.


No, I was here to get an answer to a question I had. Besides pkidelerium, no one else here knows what they are talking about. You fools like to pretend to know what you are talking about. A select few actually have a clue.
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Thanks for playing, psiegert611. I'd go ahead and click the delete account button on your account page. Then you can go somewhere else to ask questions where there are less "idiots."

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Once pkidelirium answered your question, then there's no love for anyone else?

That's just cold-hearted... :)

To further respond, no one knows when it will open...probably not even PKI. We are currently anticipating that the ride will open *sans loop* since PKI did announce that much and the loop is already GONE. Also, we EXPECT that it will operate with refurbished Gerstlauer trains (because with *enough* sows' ears, you might actually luck into a silk purse)...or something... LOL!

And with that.... we all wave bye to psiegert611.. **waves**.... Most of these people only told you info they have learned online, from a website like this. So most actually do know what they are talking about. If you didn't want an answer, and can't take some sarcasm, why ask? Like stated above, it was sarcasm. Relax. If you don't like it, no one is forcing you to post on this site.
1. The loop is gone.

2. I don't know when it will open.

3. There is no "the" in the name.

4. None of the above matters because the ride sucks.

The ride will open this year but not untill June (at the earliest) according to the park rep at No Coaster Con.

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Closed topic.

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