son of beast trainer

this is one of the best trainers i have ever seen. it has over 70 functions. including weather changing and fast staff and money options and the best of all peep trams
And it messes up the sign limit in the game so that you can only have 12 signs in the park!!!
what do u mean man
I've never had that problem and I use a "do not enter" sign at almost every ride exit.

- John
I snap flyers.

Umm, am i like the only one, but i can never get mine to work. I like SERIOUSLY need someone to tell me how to use this thing. I don't know how to use two different tracks on the same rollercoaster and plus anytime i try to do anything (first off, i can't get the trainer and the game to appear at the same time, i always have to hit ALT + ESC in order to get to the trainer) anyway, anytime i try to do anything it always says blah blah something failed or whatever. I've read the manual and that doesn't help me either. someone please help.

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