Son of Beast to open April 28, paper says

Posted Friday, April 21, 2000 6:50 AM | Contributed by Jeff

In an article in The Enquirer, the park says that testing has gone well and the ride will open on Friday, April 28 to the public.

Read the entire article on The Enquirer's site.

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Friday, April 21, 2000 10:28 AM
The article says that PKI has 13 coasters. Why can't they get it right? The Racer is ONE rollercoaster. Do we need to go through this again? But I can't wait to ride Jr. though. That first drop and 118 ft. tall loop is going to be wicked. Who's definately going on April 28th? I surely am. I want to see Sonny be unleashed.



Friday, April 21, 2000 11:09 AM
ill be there the 26th for the preview day!!! and the 29th to ride jr. again and see sugar ray! i cant wait!
Friday, April 21, 2000 12:28 PM
Your Right they only need to count it as one coaster. Look at Gemeni. I can't wait to ride Jr.
either , I just hope its as good as everyone say it will be.
Monday, April 24, 2000 12:56 PM
I love Kings Island, but 13 coasters? C'mon PKI folks, Scooby's Goaster Coaster and Taxi Jam DO NOT COUNT! Also, let's only count the Racer once. Parks should only count the coasters that you have to be at least 48 inches tall to ride (meaning Adult coasters) After all, were the ones BUYING the tickets.
Tuesday, April 25, 2000 8:22 AM
According to the Roller Coaster Database, they are counted as roller coasters. So are Cedar Point's kiddie coasters. The database does count ALL kiddie coasters as coasters.


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