Son of beast review, B+

Friday, June 2, 2000 2:19 PM
First it must be said that you can hear this monster's chain lift all the way back to the outer limits. One thing that i noticed when I stood in line was the fact that no matter how long you watch the coaster it's hard to tell exactly when the loop takes place during the ride. the first thing that i liked about sob was when you leave the station there is an almost automatic drop down. The drop twists around to the lift hill. It a small little thrill before actual ride it really is a nice little touch.
Secondly the first hill isn't an automatic drop like most coasters. Instead the son beast has a small diping arc that allows the riders to not only get a good view of the park, but to prepare for the first drop.
When you hit the first drop the first thing you'll notice is the sheer speed for a wood coaster. After the speed sets in then you will probably say "OUCH!!" I expect every wood coaster to shake, but not to the point of pain. I was barely allowed to enjoy the ride because i spent most of my time concentrating on bracing myself against the car trying to avoid whiplash! Anyway the loop is great a giant teardrop much larger than i was anticipating. After the loop the ride dies a slow death. the helix isn,t as banked as the one on the beast and not nearly as fun, or fast. At least it didn't feel as fast.
Anyway if PKI can make the ride more smooth it will be one of the best coasters ever built, but in it's current condition it's way to rough to enjoy.

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