Son Of Beast

Found this little item in a box I had downstairs while cleaning up.

Anyone else got one of these?

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Maybe they'll let you use it to watch the demolition next year in person.

I know what that is! That's the starter brick for the fire!

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I find it funny how drastically the opinions have changed since when this ride opened. People used to say the loop was great, the helices were fun but a bit bumpy and it was a fun ride, well worth the 3 or 4 hours they waited to ride.

Now everyone wants to burn it down. Wouldn't anyone like to save a wooden hypercoaster?

Granted when I last rode in 07 it wasn't the most interesting ride, a bit bumpy, but nothing bad by any means, i found my beast ride rougher in the helix that sob's. I liked that huge drop.

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I was all for burning it down after my first ride in 2000. Then with the loop removal, the trains became tolerable and I now am ambivalent as to its fate (but I love Rideman's idea for it.)

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