Some Questions

I have a few questions this time...

1. I've heard something about a hybrid roller coaster. What is that?

2. How many of these hybrids exist, and what are their names?

Last of all

3. Is this topic allowed, according to TOS? My last topic got closed. (I'm still new around here and have yet to learn which topics are allowed and which are prohibited.

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Uhh, a hybrid is a coaster with either wooden supports and steel track or steel supports and wooden track. There are several out there....CCI/Gravity Group being one of the popular companies that make hybrid coasters. Lets see....Villain, Twisted Twins, Voyage are among some.

Is the topic allowed? Why wouldn't it be? Welcome! I usually don't post but it is almost 4am and I can't get to sleep.


As for steel track/wooden support coasters, these are mainly (if not all) Arrows, mostly their Mine Train model but also includes Cedar Point's Gemini.

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Lady Legend - Welcome to CoasterBuzz. Don't let the fact that your first thread was closed deter you. The best advice for new members is to avoid the urge to start a lot of new topics and instead spend some time reading and participating in existing threads until you get the hang of things.

The Terms of Service you agreed to when you set up your account included a list of unacceptable topics. My guess is that, like most people, you simply scrolled down to the bottom, accepted the terms without reading through it, and missed it completely. Look at item #4 here. While you're there read it through all 10'll find some useful hints and tips in the list for new members ;)

Unfortunately Patrick is only partially correct in his definition of a hybrid coaster. The term also refers to a ride that is a combination of two ride types. For example there used to be a ride at Silver Dollar City in Branson called Buzzsaw Falls. It was part coaster, part flume ride.

If you have not done so already I strongly suggest you go to the Roller Coaster Database [] and bookmark it. It's a great resource tool and you can find info, stats, and pics on coasters around the world. It can be very helpful for trip planning too.

Again, welcome! :)

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I don't think the word "hybrid" coaster refers to a single specific type, I would say hybrid is just a noun that tries to say...

Probably, any coaster that could be described as merging two different design types can be called a "hybrid".

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I throw this out from time to time, but could people please be more specific in their topic titles? It saves others time, and it allows the writer of the thread topic to get the answers they need quicker. "Some questions," leads itself to a multitude of things unseen and I've seen a lot of new people get upset when someone doesn't respond within two-minutes of their post.

So as a suggestion, you could've said "What defines a hybrid coaster?", or "What is a hybrid coaster" as your thread title and then you could've asked more questions in your initial post.

Welcome Lady Legend! I like what Mamoosh said! :)

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Wooden track coasters with steel supports are found in a number of places. The most famous of these is the Coney Island Cyclone.

There could be a number of types of coasters that could be considered "hybrids" in some way. These might include:

Coasters with both a lift and a launch section

Spinning coasters

4th dimensional coasters such as SFMMs "X".

Enclosed coasters that are also darkrides

Coasters with a splashdown section

Coasters with both wooden and steel track sections

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Thanks for all your replies and welcomes. I really appreciate it. Sadly, at this point in time, financial situations prevent me from being a paid member of CoasterBuzz, but you will see me at an enthusiast event...someday:).

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