Some Japanese amusement parks will resume limited operations while screening guests

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Some amusement park operators in Japan said Friday they will resume some of their operations that were temporarily suspended due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus. Seibu Railway Co., operator of Toshimaen in Tokyo's Nerima Ward, said it will resume operations Saturday at the amusement park and Seibuen Amusement Park in Tokorozawa, Saitama Prefecture, near Tokyo. Legoland Japan Ltd. said it will reopen some popular outdoor attractions such as roller coasters at its amusement park Legoland Japan and at Sea Life Nagoya aquarium, in Aichi Prefecture, central Japan, from next Monday.

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This seems like a pretty bad idea and a bit premature.

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Much of what Japan is doing seems to be aimed at preserving the Olympics. On a certain level, you can understand it. They were quick to close schools (which was in part for the same end game but was a good thing to do). Though now they are looking to re-open schools as well despite warnings of outbreaks. May well backfire.

And other countries may force their hand as Canada has announced they won't send a team to the Olympics.

The temperature test is understandable but seems a lot like making people take their shoes off. Unless they don't have Advil and Tylenol in Japan.

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To be fair, Japan was the only place where I had to take a breathalyzer (as did everyone) just to ride a coaster at Yokohama Cosmoworld. It’s a popular drinking spot. It was weird taking the breathalyzer. Esp since I did it know I didn’t have to touch it with my lips until it was too late... šŸ¤¦šŸ¼

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

Japan is interesting because they have done little testing (something like less than 1/2 what US has done on per cap basis). And they say they are using something like 20% of their testing capacity because they don't believe they need to test more. Cynic could say they didn't want to know and were looking to preserve the Olympics. And now that the Olympics have officially been postponed, Japan is talking about spikes and lockdowns.

Does anyone know how well this is working out?

Based on articles that have been popping up over the past couple of days, I'd say it's going about like you might expect, which is not all that well

There are some familiar themes playing out over there with regards to speculation that Abe is reluctant to shut down the country in the way experts suggest will be required for fear of the impact it will have on their economy (which is still the world's 3rd largest). Not really looking to reignite the old "how much is a life worth" debate, but at this point, Japan obviously knows the cost of delay and, Abe at least, appears to be putting a value on lives as it relates to the economy (or more cynically, he's willing to kill a few so long as the economy stays strong and, by extension, he looks good).

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I just saw pics today, if you fly into Narita, you have to sleep there at baggage claim until your test results come back. Japan was gambling on the Olympics and trying to act like it wasn’t a big deal there. The reality, esp now that the olympics are postponed isn’t that it wasn’t spreading, but that they were being dishonest.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

Toshimaen was open for about a week before closing again. And Legoland Japan is back to being closed as of this past Friday.

From the Legoland website:

LEGOLANDĀ® Japan and SEA LIFE Nagoya have decided to temporarily close the park from Friday, April 10, 2020 following the Aichi Prefectureā€™s declaration of state of emergency. The LEGOLAND Japan Hotel will be closed tempolarily from April 12, 2020 onwards.

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Was thinking this would probably be the result, but hoping it wasn’t.

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