Some help Needed......

My trains keep stoping on the lift hill.  I don't know why this is so hard to get 2 trains running.  You can view my coaster at G-Force.nltrack

please can someone help explain this to me its soo confusing and I don't see why the trains are reacting this way please help thankx

It works just fine for me...the trains don't stop at all.
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This was just covered:

Try reading a few threads before panicing. There are so many useless No Limits threads already as is with like 1 or 2 responses because that's all they need.

I know but I am still haveing problems and if you watch from an external view the second train will stop on the lift hill and it will wait until the other train passes. I watched the train reach the brakes then the train was still stoped at the lift hill what is going on here?
OK I looked again and realize it's stopping at the bottom, not the top. The problem is the game counts the Lift and the track after it as one block, unlike in real life where you can have one train on the lift and one on the track at the same time. So, since the first section of your track is so long, it is stopping the next train. The first train needs to clear the mid-course brakes before the next will go up the lift. You can accomplish this by changing the average, min, and max wait times to 70 seconds or greater.

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