some help for someone who's been out of the game for a while..

So I used to be here all the time, but in the last couple years work has taken over my park trip time.
I am in need of a little friendly advice.
Knowing that no one can predict the weather, is it worth the risk of making a trip to Cedar Point with the risk of thunder storms tomorrow? How intensely do they close the rides in inclement weather from past experience? thanks for any help!

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When are the storms predicted for? From what I understand if they're in the morning but the afternoon and evening are predicted to be clear it's a good idea to go as the park will be less crowded. If its the reverse, stay home.

Of course I don't live locally. Hopefully someone who does will chime in and either back up what I've said or tell me I'm crazy (or both, lol).

30% chance of T-Storms from 1-6 unfortunately. I'm just worried about having made the trip from Philly area and getting there and having America's Roller Coast not having any roller coasters. Thanks for the help!

If it is a light rain most coasters will run. Some will cut back to 1 train operation. Maverick usually runs unless it is a very hard rain.

Of course if there is lightning in the area all bets are off.

Are you going to be in the area anyway for business? If you are planning a long trip just for Cedar Point I might re-think. I live near Cleveland and would watch the weather closely right up until time to leave with a 30% chance. Of course weather around here is unpredictable. Today has a 70% chance of rain. None yet. has a listing of rides that close based on weather conditions. Take a look there to see what will be affected.

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All day thunderstorms are rare. It shouldn't be a question of what are the chances of thunderstorms, it should be a question of how long the storms are predicted to be over the park. gives a nice hour-by-hour prediction of participation. I found it to be as accurate as weather predictions get. It at least gives you an idea of what to expect and can help you to make a decision.

CP can get some NASTY t-storms. The good news is that they might last an hour at most. During that time, most of the GP will head out thinking that it's a washout.

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I think you are probably safe, 30% is not that great a chance and like some others have said they rarely last all day long. If it's just raining the rides will run and the park will most likely be dead! Bring a good rain coat to be safe.

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I also bring ski goggles when it's going to rain. Keeps the rain out of your eyes and face. Plus if they fail you can quote McBain: "The goggles do nothing!"

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